Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen Set

Yes, more Lipstick Queen, and this obsession won't stop anytime soon so don't worry :P I got this Dancing Queen Set during the same sale event earlier in the year, at the same time as Lipstick Library Volume 2 - Look of Love and the Heaven Sent Trio.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The Dancing Queen Set comes with the colors Cha Cha, Electric Slide, and The Hustle. And as you can see the packaging is a gorgeous brushed metal electric pink twist up tube. So far, my favorite Lipstick Queen packagings are these Dancing Queen ones, the brushed metal yellow gold for the Saint lipsticks, and Medieval's red velvet brushed metal.

Now I will be honest with you that I was extremely wary of these Dancing Queen lipsticks. Why? Because from every swatch I've seen online, despite the lovely translucent finish they're also super duper glittery! Yes, glittery, as in having visible glitter chunks instead of the usual fine shimmers. Sounds like my worst nightmare, right? Strangely enough, all these reviews I saw also said the lipsticks wear very comfortably and smooth despite all the glitters. Okay, Georgie is sufficiently intrigued. The sale price was enabling enough - the set was reduced to only $17.50, I kid you not! Monkey see, monkey do, so into my shopping basket it went!

Guess what, count me impressed - I loved these lipsticks! Holy cow, to win me over with glittery lipsticks, now that's a mean feat! Hail, my Lipstick Queen, I shall bow down to thee! 

So let's start with the formula, sweet waxy smelling with a waxy balmy texture. Lipstick Queen's website advertises these as having a "completely matte" finish, but I beg to differ as they go on my lips with a satiny sheen, possibly because of all the sparklies. And just as other reviewers have noted, they're so comfortable, smooth, and moisturizing on the lips, which is shocking given the chunky glitters - I do not feel the glitters at all! How the hell does that work? I already knew the colors are sheer and translucent, but what I didn't expect was for the glitters to be working quite well with the colors. As a result, I love all 3 colors! Doubly impressed!

Cha Cha: a plummy mauve with red and gold glitters, mauvier on the back of my hand but plummier on my lips. I've been wanting to find vampy colors like this but most just make me look like an evil queen or step mother, or worse, like I've been poisoned (as portrayed in popular Chinese costume dramas LOL). So yeah, you can say I'm quite happy with this color!

Electric Slide: a super wearable neutral red with red and gold glitters, although it turns much warmer on my lips. This is my favorite color out of all three in the set and I carry it with me in my bag. Believe it or not, I literally have to stop myself from reaching for it because I reach for it every time. That's just how wearable it is, glitter and all! Love!

The Hustle: a pinky nude with rose and gold glitters. I was thinking this color won't work but I applied it and was floored - it's actually really flattering on the lips! Like a barely there pink tint, understated sophistication, yes, with glittahs! This color works so well for me I also carry it in my bag.

Cha Cha, Electric Slide, and The Hustle. Click for a larger version. Note the visible glittery chunks.

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