Sunday, May 17, 2015

Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint

Here's another popular lip tint, the Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint. These only came in 2 colors, 1 Cherry and 2 Orange. I paid about $4 each before shipping.

It's hard to believe this little tube contains 9mL of product, the same amount as TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint in a gigantic tube! I kept checking both official brand pages to make sure I didn't get the wrong info. Nope, they both have the same product volume, so I'm officially mystified why is one so much bigger than the other. Is it just an illusion due to TonyMoly's oddly shaped tube? 

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Anyway, TonyMoly is a gel whereas this Innisfree tint is a thick viscous liquid. The two colors each has its own scent, and a pleasant one too, nothing like the weird artificial grape in Holika Holika Pure Mellow Moisture Tint. The formula is interesting. I always lightly moisturize my hands several minutes before swatching, and this went on a bit...cushy, not in a silicone-y way but more like a thin oil. It even shifted around on the back of my hand like oil on wet skin, although this didn't seem to affect its staining ability much. On my bare lips it was surprisingly comfortable. I wouldn't say it was moisturizing, but at least it wasn't drying. I wore it the same way I wore all my lip tints, applying to bare lips, let set, then layer balm or gloss over.

Pigmentation wise it's very decent. The stain isn't intense like TonyMoly but is actually quite natural looking after blended, pretty much a my-lips-but-better tint stain. As for my running warm water test, the stained swatches barely survived while the blended spots were pretty much gone, which means it probably won't survive a meal.

1 Cherry: smells like cherry :P still a tad artificial but I'll take artificial cherry over grape any day. This come applies a hot pink but blends out to medium pink.

2 Orange: now this one smells like a fresh tangerine, wow! Applies a bright reddish orange but blended out to a coral, at least on my skin. I don't mind this actually, as it's quite flattering on my lips ^.^

Swatches (left) and blended (right). 

After washing under warm running water.


kuri said...

Interesting! Would you still say that the Tony Moly Delight tints are your favorites?

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Absolutely! How can anyone say no to a $3 super pigmented tint? ^.^ These can't compare to TonyMoly at all in terms of pigmentation.

That said, they're a tad more comfortable to wear on bare lips, and somewhat more goof-proof for clumsy folks like me ^.^


crackpot_honey said...

Thanks for another great review!
It's good to read the Tonymoly tints still score way higher especially for an even cheaper price..
I ordered #2 and #3 recently, waiting for them atm. Your review and swatches of them were super helpful too!
First I was hestitant about Tonymoly because I got a mini of their old Cat Chu Cherry tint and it's extreeemely runny, I'm just not into completely water-like tints.

D. said...


You're so welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting ^.^

Let me know if you like your TonyMoly! It's a gel formula so it won't run at all. I dislike runny formula too, which is why I haven't touched Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint. Ha. (


kuri said...

heh, goof proof is a good thing. I will consider both

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