Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Astalift Essence Destiny

This Astalift Essence Destiny is the newer incarnation of the Essence, and I have 2 tiny 5mL bottle with dropper cap, each from the Hari Skin Trial Kit and Jelly Aquarysta Gift Set, for a total of 10mL. Yes, that also make them 2 years old and I'm finally getting to them now. Sigh.

Hari Skin Trial Kit

Jelly Aquarysta Gift Set

This Essence Destiny has the same runny jelly texture as the previous Essence, and like the "new-ish" Lotion, it also has a syrupy sweet scent which I attribute to it being old and not fresh. But otherwise it's pretty nice. Makes my skin super soft and supple and drinks up whatever goes on after that. I do like both this essence and the lotion quite a bit so if there's a good holiday promotion I'll pick up the full size for both.

See my previous Astalift Essence post. 

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