Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chikuhodo Brushes Part VI

I've been hearing over and over how awesome and lovely the Chikuhodo Z-series is, and the guest post comparing the Chikuhodo Z-1 and Koyudo Fuwafuwa certainly helps. But I also use the hell out of my brushes and I'm not sure a full squirrel powder brush can withstand my daily ritual (will elaborate on a different post). I'm thinking about getting another Koyudo fu-pa14, which is already pricey, so the thought of having to replace a Chikuhodo Z-series is kind of daunting. So I haven't taken the plunge with the Z-1 or Z-9 or that super fancy-looking MK.

That said, I can never have enough eye brushes and pencil brushes, so here's a mini post for my latest Chikuhodo acquisitions. I'm listing prices from Visage USA, but I got both of mine from CDJapan using reward points, so I paid a lot less ^.^

In this batch: Z-5 and Z-10.

- Z-5 Gray Squirrel, $43: Some people say this brush is too big, I love it! I use it for lay down and sheer washes, and it gets the job done in seconds. I also love that it's rounded on the fronts and tapered on the sides. Did I mention it's really insanely soft? It's squirrel hair and perfect for pigmented or sparkly shadows.

- Z-10 Gray Squirrel, $35: this pencil brush is just as floppy as everyone says it is. I expected this and uses it to blend instead, or to highlight the inner corners. It's great!

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Anonymous said...

The Z-series is truly wonderful. I have the Koyudo fupa-14's in white and black, and the Z-9 and the Z-1 totally blow them out of the water. I have the Z-8, Z-5, Z-10 and the Z-2 as well, but the Z-9, the Z-1 or the MK-2 are the best of the series. -- Eileen

D. said...

Hi Eileen,

Oh I have no doubt the Z-1, Z-9, or MK-2 is amazing. They are full squirrel hair, after all, versus the goat and squirrel mix Koyudo fu-pa14. That's precisely why I'm reluctant to get full squirrel brushes -- they're quite fragile and I'm afraid they won't be able to endure my daily use.

Thanks for reading and commenting :)


Citrine said...

I have four z-series now(not"so far" since I am definitely not buying more) and the only one I love is z-10. I think the main reason is the price and fragility of the hair(and they get significantly less silky after a few uses), I really am not the kind of person to spend a big amount just so that I can babysit the gray squirrel and rotate with other brushes/use them once in a while. Anyway, it was nice while it lasted...

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

My point exactly. A full squirrel hair powder brush is just too fragile for the purpose of buffing sunscreen powder everyday, so the most "luxurious" I'll go for is a squirrel mix. Eyeshadow and blush brushes I will go for full squirrel but not powder. And it'd be a shame to let a Z-1 or Z-9 collect dust because I'm too afraid to truly use it.

But I love my new Z-5 and Z-10 so much I packed them with me ^.^


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