Monday, August 17, 2015

Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes

I debated and debated whether I should keep walking down this road of quads. Lunasol isn't cheap, and I wanted more colors so I prefer at least quints. Then again, I did make exceptions for Lighting for Eyes 04 Neutral and Party Eyes 2014 EX01 from the Party Coffret 2014, and I really really wanted to try the Ocean Scene Eyes. There are only a couple left floating around on the internet. In the end, I went for it and picked 01 Warm Ocean, particularly for that deep eggplant liner shade.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Since the compact is the same as all the other Lunasol palettes, I won't show that picture again. This quad isn't buttery as the Party Eyes 2014 EX01 but it's soft and silky enough. Staying power is excellent. I wore the pastel pink over eye base to school and it lasted me all day in the (admittedly dry) summer heat. 

The odd thing here is that this palettes really contains 3 lid colors and 1 liner color and those are it. The 3 lid colors double as base and highlighter and can be worn alone as a sheer wash. But there's not a medium or crease shade at all unless you want to blend out the liner shade, which to me is difficult given the high pigmentation. The 3 lid colors have decent pigmentation.

I would say the finish is sparkly and semi metallic. If I were to apply a thick and opaque layer, it would become fully metallic. But I don't. I usually only wear a thin wash during the day and it's beautifully sparkly like that. So I don't regret this palette even when I do wish there are more colors in it.

Clockwise from top left:
- Lid/base/highlighter: semi metallic, medium intensity. A warm pastel pink that's gorgeous alone all over the lids. To transition to the night out, I just add the eggplant liner. 
- Lid/base/highlighter: semi metallic, medium intensity. A cool pastel blue. I actually haven't worn this color yet, because, well, it's blue and it's pale.
- Liner shade, shimmers, high intensity. A super pigmented deep eggplant with multi-colored sparkles that just light up my eyes. So so so beautiful. I bought this palette for just this shade and it was absolutely worth it!
- Lid/base/highlighter: semi metallic, low intensity. A semi translucent soft white that actually works as a sheer wash, thanks to the translucency.

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