Friday, April 22, 2016

Clarins Super Restorative Night Wear

Before I started using my tube of Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream, I actually gave it to hubby along with this 15mL/0.53oz. tube of Super Restorative Night Wear. Between the 2 choices, he picked this one (hence I ended up with the Multi-Active, and loving it!).

This deluxe sample is from the 2013 Spring Beauty Gift, from which I've already reviewed the Shaping Facial Lift Serum and the Toning Lotion with Camomile.

Guess what, both hubby and I like this too! Hubby picked this because he thinks it's lighter a cream than the Multi-Active. I don't know what he's talking about because I've tried it a couple of times and found both equally thick and creamy LOL! I don't know what this cream's meant to restore but it's very moisturizing, that's for sure. And now that the weather's warmed up, hubby's complaining that it's too moisturizing. I just can't win him!

He also mentions that he likes the scent of this cream, and I do too. The fragrance's more gender-neutral than Multi-Active. Without the flowery note it's less feminine and just youthful and fresh. And I like smelling it on hubby's skin ^.^ So while I can't win with him it looks like Clarins has won with the both of us! Too bad there isn't a gel-cream option for Normal-Combination skin in this line or I'd purchase that for hubby to try instead.

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