Monday, March 27, 2017

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge Part VII

From Rakuten JP, I got a hold of two more Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge from the 2016 LE winter collection, PK-310 and RD-221. I skipped the remaining four colors BE-230, BE-231, PK-309, and RS-336 since I'd swatched them in person and didn't like what I saw. These colors no longer have names, just the color numbers as usual. 

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The winter LE's come in pearlized metallic champagne tubes, versus the metallic champagne tubes of the fall LE's, though both have clear brown bands and top cap. Honestly though, the pearlized metallic tube looks a tad cheaper and more plastic than the regular metallic tubes, so I'm not a huge fan.

Packaging variations from left to right: LE Spring 2015, Party Coffret 2015, permanent lineup, LE Spring 2016, LE Fall 2016, and finally this LE Winter 2016.

- PK-310: a pretty peach with coral undertone. Considering I'd swatched this color in white indoor lighting, I find the color in natural light consistent with my expectations. This color goes on me slightly milky, but thank goodness it adapts and is wearable.

- RD-221: despite being brownish-looking in the tube, this is a lovely warm red, again with coral undertone. This color is also consistent with my expectations from the indoor swatches. Very flattering on and I wish I have a backup. The problem was that I barely got a hold of this one tube to begin with. It was already mostly sold out on Rakuten JP when I got my order through. Damn.

PK-310 and RD-221.

Here's a comparison between Rouge Essence RD-208, RD-204, and RD-198, versus Premium Stay Rouge PK-310 and RD-221, versus RD-215 and PK-289.

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Citrine said...

I actually like the tube, the shiny one gets scratched in my bag so easily!

Now I think I need to be careful when I buy these psr. For the clear ones, they do sink in my lip lines overtime and the creamy one (they are wearable enough) I simply don't reach for paler lipstick...

Now I just can't wait to see how the new spring lipsticks are like.

D. said...

Hi Mina,

Interesting. I've never had any problem with PSR settling into my lip lines, and I thought I have pretty dry lips.

I'm very curious with the new lipstick line also. The packaging looks a bit big and bulky to me, so I'm waiting patiently to see some swatches.


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