Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tarte LipSurgence Part VII

Here are the Tarte LipSurgence from the same order as the two Total Lip Service sets. The colors I got are Lip Luster Delighted and Lip Tints in Joy, Lust, Moody, and Spirited. There's also a Skintuitive Lip Tint Energy Noir from a different order with a few SmolderEyes, which I'll review later after a good trial.

Lip Luster Delighted and Lip Tints in Joy, Lust, Moody, and Spirited. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Skintuitive Lip Tint Energy Noir

I kept thinking I'd get sick of these lip pencils but whenever there's a nice sale, I'd spring for more pretty colors. What keeps me coming back is the minty, balmy texture more so than anything else. Sure, the translucent and shimmer-free colors are nice, but that's if I happen to find one. On top of all the confusion between the Lip Cremes, Lip Lusters, and Lip Tints, the finish is totally inconsistent.

- Lip Luster Delighted: opaque and shimmery peach. It's pretty, but it's just too opaque for me. Will be passing this one on.

- Lip Tint Joy: translucent apricot. This color is so pretty on I love it! The funny thing is that it becomes more opaque as it dries, which is fine. It just means I can't layer as much as I want. I tried layering once, and after a couple of hours I looked in the mirror and it had turned completely opaque and matte. Woah.

- Lip Tint Lust: translucent yellow-based red. Love this color so much! It is pretty pigmented though, so I just apply one layer on the upper lip and press to spread.

- Lip Tint Moody: transparent warm plum with brown undertone. Yes, it's transparent. See for yourself. It's an interesting color I don't have a dupe for!

- Lip Tint Spirited: translucent and fiery orange. Yowza. Love this one too!

From left to right: Lip Luster Delighted and Lip Tints in Joy, Lust, Moody, and Spirited. See how opaque Delighted is?

- Skintuitive Lip Tint Energy Noir: A lovely transparent blackberry. As I love the Skintuitive Lip Tint Energy, I didn't hesitate to try the Energy Noir. So happy I got this. Look how gorgeous it is! Lipstick Queen Bete Noir Possessed Sheer is still undoubtedly the most flattering deep color on me, but it's a bit "dressy." This Energy Noir is more of a casual, wear-everyday kind of deep color I can appreciate. Will post some comparison swatches later.

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kuri said...

Moody and energy noir look up my alley!

D. said...

Hi Claire,

Moody is definitely a brownish plum, and Energy Noir has more purple in it. I like them both very much!


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