Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence Comparison Swatches

These Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence have disappeared from Coffret D'Or's official website, which I take to mean they've been discontinued and are gone for good. They haven't had any new colors for a long time now anyway.

So here's my tiny collection of four colors, RD-198, RD-204, RD-208, and RS-282. There were more colors available when I was still in Tokyo, but none of them really interested me. I preferred the mostly jelly and cream-jelly formulas for the Premium Stay Rouge anyway. Enjoy the swatches :)

All pictures taken in natural light without flash. Click to zoom.

My favorite among these is RD-198, then RD-208, then RD-204. I don't dislike RS-282, it's just a tad more pigmented than I'd like for daily wear that's all.

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