Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Missha Time Revolution Brightening Care Oil Cleansing Balm

After Heimish All Clean Balm, this 105g jar of Missha Time Revolution Brightening Care Oil Cleansing Balm was another queue jumper--it too was leaking :( Grrr. I thought whole point of switching to cleansing balms and gels was to avoid the messy and leaky cleansing oils!

At this point, I'm quite mystified and wondering if it's my home that's causing all these leakage from both the bottles and the jars. Then again, the other two dozens of bottles and jars stored in the same basket of cleansing oils, balms, and gels aren't leaking. My biases wants me to blame the fact that the leaked ones are all Korean-made (The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Heimish, and now Missha). Then again, within the same basket there's another dozen that's also Korean-made but aren't leaking. I'm stumped. Could it simply be faulty packaging?

Anyway, other than being leaky, it took me a couple of weeks of use to decide whether I even like this cleansing balm. It had strong pluses and just as strong, if not stronger, minuses. The first time I used this balm, I was frankly shocked. I thought the jar being leaky meant the balm was perhaps too soft and prone to melting. In fact, it's been leaking all over my bathroom counter just sitting there, still (out of direct sunlight, heat, and humidity, by the way)!


This stuff had the same texture and consistency as hair-pomade: super thick, greasy, and somewhat waxy. It didn't spread very well and tugged on my skin as I tried to massage it all over my face, neck, and decolletage. The thickness translated to an awfully long time for the balm to melt into an oil, which made me wonder how in the hell did the leak happen, and still happening, to begin with! Even then, the oil was still so thick and greasy I'd started to doubt it'd wash off of me at all. Thankfully, I was wrong. Not only it rinsed well, as in not squeaky clean but didn't leave any residue behind either, it also left my skin nice and soft afterwards. The biggest plus to me was that it was polyethylene-free. Woot-woot! Cue the fireworks! Hoarding time!


This stuff stank. It was so, so, so strongly scented with an overbearing feminine fragrance it was like I doused myself with cheap perfume every time I used it. The worst part was that the scent stuck around for hours afterwards! I could deal with the leaky packaging. Hell, I could even put up with the pommade-like texture, especially when it rinsed well and was polyethylene-free. But a cleansing balm this strongly scented? Nope. Will not repurchase just for the scent alone. Urgh.

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