Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rosette Cleansing Paste

I mentioned I was getting bored of the giant 250mL bottle of The Body Shop Passion Fruit Cleansing Gel. Well, I was, and I was bored enough to pick up this tube of Rosette Cleansing Paste when I saw it on sale at my local drugstore ^.^ 

There are now 3 types of these cleansing paste available, the green tube Kaidei Smooth with sea clay for deep cleansing, the pink tube Hakudei Lift with white clay (I'm guessing kaolin?) for firming, and the yellow tube Ghassoul Bright with Ghassoul clay (also known as Rhassoul or Moroccan red clay) for brightening. Kaikei Smooth and Hakudei Lift are both unscented and without colorant or mineral oil. The Ghassoul Bright is also without colorant or mineral oil, but it is scented. I bought the Kaidei Smooth. I figured it's summer and my skin could use some deep cleansing action, thanks to, you know, all the humidity-induced sweating and whatnot.

Rosette Cleansing Paste - Kaidei Smooth

My thoughts? I like it, and hubby does too. Don't let the promises of deep cleansing scare you away because this foaming cleanser isn't harsh at all and I've tortured my dry skin with much worse. It doesn't foam like crazy, but it does foam and rinses clean, all without making my face squeaky and tight afterwards. It is not fragranced, but it does have a natural scent of, well, the sea and clay! I like that smell because it makes me think I'm rolling around on a sandy beach somewhere, only I'm standing in my shower ^.^ And if I look closely enough, I could see the clay in the cleanser too! It's not too dense, but there are these super fine charcoal colored particles that I can't feel with my fingertips or on my face, but they're there. Even without any colorant, the clay turns the cleanser ashy and grayish. 

So did the cleanser perform any miracle? Nope. It's just a decent foaming cleanser and that's it. Also, keep in mind this it's also the summer and the humidity has a sneaky way of making me think my skin is becoming "normal" and invincible, that is, until the dryer months arrive and the dry patches rear their ugly flakes. So yeah, while I like this cleanser now, I'm not sure I'll feel the same when the heat and humidity is gone.

On a random note, while out and about in Yokohama I ran into this display of watermelons cultivated into funny shapes and are sold as gifts for the upcoming Chugen. Last year I took a picture of a similar display, also around the first or second week of July. This display, however, did not list any of the crazy prices these melons will undoubtedly fetch.

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