Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mamonde Moisture Skin Softener and Emulsion

Among the various skincare samples I'm trying out, this pair of 5mL/ 2 fl oz. Mamonde Moisture Skin Softener and Emulsion stands out. Mamonde is a Korean brand by Amore Pacific, which also owns Laneige, SulwhasooInnisfree, and Etude House. There are several different lines of products from Mamonde, but the samples I have are from their Moisture line

Mamonde Moisture Skin Softener and Emulsion

I have limited experience with Korean made skincare even though I like their cosmetics a lot. I should probably go live in Korea for a while to balance things out, no? ^.^ I mean, I've used countless of Japanese products so it's only fair I should get to know Korean stuff too. 

Anyway, both the Skin Softener and the Emulsion have a perfumy flowery tea scent. Surprisingly, I like it! I guess I must like tea fragrances after all ^.^ The small sample bottles I have are hygienic and I much prefer them over the satchels, which you can't recap to keep fresh while using and I usually store their contents into various emptied sample jars after sanitizing with alcohol. 

The Skin Softener is viscous, probably thicker than any other Japan lotion I've used and is more like a gel. It's also chock full of alcohol as I can feel the alcohol sensation and smell it on my skin the moment I apply it. Luckily, my skin isn't sensitive to alcohol so it didn't bother me much, but if yours are perhaps you should avoid this item. But other than the strong alcohol and fragrance, the Skin Softener is actually quite nice! It keeps my skin moisturized. Although it does leave behind a slight stickiness, probably due to all the humidity in the air, it's not intolerable.

The Emulsion is more like a moisture milk. It makes a good pair with the Skin Softener I think and using both together have kept my skin nice and soft. Over all, these are nice products and with a reasonable price range. I've seen the full sizes on Ebay for anywhere from $10-20 with free shipping, and knowing how jacked up Ebay prices can get I'm guessing their retail Korean prices are probably around $10. Not bad!

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