Thursday, June 13, 2019

Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser

I got a pair of 10mL/0.3fl. oz. sample bottles of cleansing water from Clarins, one is the Water Purity One-Step Cleanser reviewed a few days ago, and the other Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser below. 

So I was expecting the same reaction as the Water Purity version, as in glad-to-have-tried-it-but-I'm-moving-on kind of reaction. Instead, I went straight to Clarins' website to eye the full size bottle. I want to hoard this stuff, folks.

For one, it smells amazing. The fragrance is pretty unique I thought, with a top note of flowery tobacco that very much reminds me of some Caudalie products, a middle note of smokey but fruity peach, then an end note of sweet white peach. Sure, the Water Purity version smelled pretty pleasant too, but the first time I tried this Water Comfort version I simply wanted to bathe in it. It knocked my socks off. Wow. For two, it's much more moisturizing than Water Purity. Without rinsing, it truly feels like I've just applied a moisturizing toner and not a cleansing water. And why would I want to rinse it off anyway? I want to leave it on and smell it for as long as possible. So, so, so sold. Just waiting for a good promotion now, especially with the 4th of July in a few weeks ^.^

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