Sunday, June 9, 2019

Clarins Water Purity One-Step Cleanser

This 10mL/0.3fl. oz. sample bottle of Clarins Water Purity One-Step Cleanser lasted me all of three days, three uses. So here's a brief review. There's also a Water Comfort version which I'll review soon.

Clarins had a sale recently, during which I was surprised to find more of the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, not just the Lemon Leaf scent I liked but also the Mandarin Leaf and Grapefruit Leaf, the whole set! Woot, I didn't have to bother with E(vil)bay after all! Yep, that was how I ended up with these sample bottles of cleansing water ^.^

This Water Purity has a crisp and energizing scent with notes of flower. Think L'Occitane Immortelle fragrance crossed with a fresh and bright water cologne, pretty darn pleasant. It cleans well, doesn't really moisturize my skin like the Origins Mushroom one but doesn't leave my skin dry and taut either. Glad I tried it.

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