Thursday, August 15, 2019

Nature Republic Forest Garden Cleansing Oil Part III

After the detour that was Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm, I came back to the last of my queue-jumper due to leaky packaging: this 200mL bottle of Nature Republic Forest Garden Cleansing Oil in Chamomile

While this bottle didn't leak as badly as the previous two, it did leak some and I figured I should just get it done and over with and not mess with these ever again. Then I can finally continue with my queue as intended, starting with the full size tube of Astalift Cleansing Gel.

This Chamomile cleansing oil is the nicest and best smelling of all three, like a brisk version of the Lubriderm Lotion I'm using. I like it! No wonder it was harder to find a seller with all 3 varieties available, as most had sold out of just Chamomile. Also, this pump works way better than the previous two pumps in that I can actually get a full pump of product and not just half stuff half air. This poses a different problem though. Because the cleansing oil is thin, the full pump will splash out of my hand and spill. Ha.

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