Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BeautyMate Aqua Makeup Removing Wipe

Got this packet BeautyMate Aqua Makeup Removing Wipe as GWP when I bought a bunch of BeautyMate stuff a while back. At the time I was still using my favorite Lancome Bi-Facil and then the less effective Lancome Effacil (oh the irony).

And then I ran out of both and had to use these Aqua Makeup Removing Wipes. Not that I didn't want to use it, I just tend to save these wet wipes for when I actually travel, like visiting my sister during Golden Week (will post pictures of the trip next). And plus I normally only need just 1 qtip or 2 saturated with Bi-Facil or Effacil to take off my eye makeup, so to use a whole saturated sheet seems a bit too much and a waste if I don't wipe my whole face with it, ...and I don't want to wipe my whole face with it :P

It's alright, but I probably won't buy the product again. These wipes are impractical to me. I'm supposed to rinse my face after using them, which makes me wonder why I use them to begin with. If I'm going to have to rinse my face afterwards, why don't I just use an oil cleanser? That will surely take everything off, including the water resistant sunscreen I wear daily, so why bother with these wet wipes when it doesn't even remove my sunscreen? And I don't particularly like rinsing my face after taking off eye makeup anyway. With Bi-Facil or Effacil, when I get home from work I usually just take my eye makeup off and that's that. Everything else can wait until shower time, right before which my trusty cleansing oil will do its good work. With these wipes, however, I either have to over-cleanse, i.e. wipe off my whole face, rinse, then later use the cleansing oil again to remove the sunscreen, and possibly irritate my already dry skin, or I will have to put up with a full face of makeup until shower time. Not to mention a packet only has 12 pre-moisten sheets, and for $4-5 that's a total rip off.

But other than all that nonsense the wet wipes work pretty well ^.^ They take off all my eye makeup without any trouble though my eye area will get a bit dry and irritated unless I wipe off my whole face and then go rinse off. Very annoying. Also, it is scented and feels a bit soapy, because it is soapy I guess.

The "gift" sticker was still on it ^.^

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