Sunday, June 5, 2011

Come Rain or Shine

So the Japanese rainy season is coming, and I know this because it rained the entire last week! I was not happy. I hate rainy days, and the thought of having to slosh around in rubber fishermen boots that weigh a ton really put a damper in my spirit. Fine, those rubber wellies aren't that bad, but they are bulky and big and heavy and not exactly something I look forward to wearing.

Braving the rain to hang out with my gal pal H. last weekend, we stopped by an ABC Mart to check out the rain shoes offerings. Aside from the common wellies, they had this pair of rain boots by More x Nuovo on display. And the moment I saw them, lo-and-behold my mind was opened to a whole new world of rain shoes I didn't think exist! Fast forward to later that night, I went home and googled rain boots on Amazon Japan and Rakuten (the...erh...Amazon of Japan) and found the most amazing assortments of rain shoes ever!

My favorite of the bunch are these 2-way boots from Relaxis Aqua Shut (what a funny brand name...). They are super stylish, versatile, waterproof, have non-slip soles with treads, and best of all, they are feather light! These boots look nothing like the rain boots I pictured in my head, and I can still splish splash around in them all I want! I can wear these 2-way boots up or folded down, and there are 2 styles available. Both styles are round-toe, ruche below-the-calf booties with about 2-2.5 inch heels.

- Style #1 is synthetic waterproof patent (PVC really...) inside and outside, available in the colors Beige, Charcoal Gray, Dark Brown, and Black.

- Style #2 has synthetic waterproof patent outside and feminine flowery print laminate inside, complete with mary jane buckle details, and available in White, Silver Gray, Dark Brown, and Black.
***Pictures from

These rain boots look (and sound) too good to be true, so I just had to find out and proceeded to rack my mind trying to decide which color of which style I should get. Let me tell you, it was agonizing, because I wanted both styles in all colors! Now any reasonable person would know 8 pairs of rain boots in similar style and colors is not exactly practical, so I narrowed it down to one color of each style.

Fair enough. Now the color. I definitely wanted Black for Style #1 because I need something that I can at least wear with a pair of trousers (or capris or knee-length trouser shorts, etc.) and swim to work on rainy days. It was Style #2 that was a tough choice. I really like the Silver Gray color, because it's not as high maintenance as White (white trousers on a rainy day? erhh...may be not, so no white rain boots either) and still brings out the contrast of the black stacked heels. Too bad both Silver Gray and White were sold out in my size, so I guess people don't mind wearing white on rainy days as much as I do? Anyway, I was left to decide between Black and Dark Brown. I was really leaning towards back, because the contrast between the black outer patent and the inner flowery print is just awesome, however it is also counterintuitive for me to have 2 pairs of black rain boots in similar styles. So in the end, Dark Brown won for Style #2.

You know you're in rain countries when their rain boots look like this!

Monsoon season? Bring it on!

When the boots arrived, I was thrilled! They turn out to be everything they promised to be, very stylish and super light! The added bonus is that they are so, so, so comfortable! Crocs, what Crocs?

Style #1 in Black, size S (Japan 22 - 22.5 cm, US 5.5 - 6)

View from the top.

View from the side.

Check out the treads!

Style #2 in Dark Brown, size S (Japan 22 - 22.5 cm, US 5.5 - 6).

View from the top.

View from the side.

Close up of the flower print and buckle details.

The treads.

Oh, and I just have to include this super cute find. There are a gazillion of umbrellas in Japan, of course, and if I wasn't sane (and filthy rich) I'd start a collection of the cutest umbrellas I can find. But really, how many umbrellas does a girl need to go out into the rain?

I couldn't help myself when I spotted this cutie pie. The dots and bows print is a total rip off of the freebie tote from Tsumori Chisato 20th Anniversary 2010-11 Autumn & Winter Mook, but hey, if they're ok with it, who am I to judge? It also comes in off white with gold dots, bows, and scalloped lace edge but I went with black, just to match my freebie tote :P

I'd love me several more of these super cute umbrellas if it doesn't jinx my life into constant rainy days.


Citrine said...

My mom has a sizable collection of umbrellas and parasols (She lives in a tropical area with blazing sun and frequent storms) and it's actually fun when I get back, I can macth my outfits with those printed umbrellas. She even sent me a lace parasol (pretty pointless invention since there are so many holes on it) a while ago that I am too embarassed to use nowadays (people here in Texas just don't get that Asian thing).

P.S. I found another (better) youtube video for that black pork and it's from the All-Mighty CCTV- Communist China television.

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

LOL I really don't have anything against anyone with a sizable collection of umbrellas. I should have clarified in my post that any umbrellas in Japan that's not a $3 clear plastic umbrella from a convenience store will rob your wallet of between $25-60. I begrudgingly paid about $30 for mine. Seriously? It's a f*cking umbrella!!!

D. said...

oh yeah, forgot to thank you for this 2nd youtube vid you found for me for the black pork! thank you Citrine! i will definitely watch ^.^

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