Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kuma no Gakkou Jackie no Okurimono (Picture Heavy!)

I got this Kuma no Gakkou Jackie no Okurimono Mook (published 2010) thinking it would be cute like Suzy's Zoo Mook. The freebie tote is definitely really nice and well made, but I don't know what to make of the bear head charm.

This time around, the freebie tote is not made of canvas cotton but of polyester, and nice quality polyester too. It's thick but is smooth and not rough at all, and it has a nice sheen to it.

And did I mention it's huge? The freebie tote measures 26(height) x 43(length) x 13(width) cm!

In addition, it has a colorful picture on both sides, which is super rare! Even the Suzy's Zoo freebie tote only had, well, Suzy's Zoo printed on the back!

And then this bear head charm, which is just a foamy and squishy plastic...thingy.

Doesn't that look like a...cookie? And I'm not supposed to eat it, and that's going to seriously mess with my head!

Look how beautifully made this freebie tote is. Clean and even stitching and I have nothing to bitch about. No pockets though, and no lining either. No problem.

There are cute pictures in this mook too, though not as fuzzy and cuddly as Suzy's Zoo :P

Character profiles for all the bears, that is, if you can tell them apart ^.^

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