Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mina May 2011

Here's an interesting freebie that comes with Mina May 2011 issue - Coach Poppy stationary in a mini tin. And of course this issue flies off the shelves.

And just when I need a tin for my various stationary items too like stickers and whatnot, so I grabbed an issue as soon as I saw it on the stand.

Though when I opened it up, my first thought was, "What the hell? It's itty bitty!" Yes, the actual tin measures 7.5(height) x 10.5(length) x 2.5(width) cm. Of course I saw these measurements before I bought the magazine, but I must have subconsciously ignored it LOL!

Yeah, so much for a stationary tin. May I'll be able to fit in a few paper clips and erasers *snickers* It's super cute though, that's for sure!

Inside the tin is painted with a bright berry pink and the tin has 3 stationary items in it.

A thin pad of sticky notes with Coach Poppy border at the bottom.

A thicker mini notepad with Coach border on all four sides.

And a small sheet of Coach clear plastic stickers, which I don't really care for. I think I like the tin best, though the sticky notes and the mini notepad should be handy in a purse.

This issue isn't too bad, though the fashion content isn't as organized or as structured as the other magazines. It was just looks after looks, kind of random.



Shoes. Love that pair of red gingham flats. There's also a pair of black gingham platforms that I couldn't get a clear picture of because it disappeared into the magazine's spine.

Gingham shirts! I would totally wear that red one :)

Love these 2 black gingham tunic and blouse.

Street snaps. That flower print jacket and the matching shorts look like they were made from table cloth or curtains or something... O.o That was mean, I know. I do know too that anything goes in Japanese street fashion, but still. That's just too much.

Quick do's for bob cuts and longer hair.

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