Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunpu Castle, Shizuoka, Shizuoka

Urgh. It's almost mid June and I'm still posting about my trip during Golden Week, which is the last couple of days in April and the first week of May.

Anyhoo, hubby and I visited my sister during Golden Week, and she played tour guide for a few days ^.^ Our first stop was Sunpu Castle in Shizuoka city, the capital of Shizuoka prefecture. It was a beautiful day, sunny with clear blue sky, and best of all, it was breezy and cool.

The walk along the moat outside Sunpu Castle.

There were tons of kois and huge carps in the moat, along with many turtles! At one point when we stopped to watch, a bunch of pigeons gathered around thinking they'd be fed. See the fish, turtles, and pigeons get along ^.^

At the gate of the castle.

Inside the main gate.

What I love most about Japan is the co-mingling between the old and the new. It just makes life that much more interesting to see a high rise right next to a castle ^.^

Crest of the imperial family, and yes, those are Crocs.

What's left of the inner moat.

A nice rest area inside the castle park.

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