Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Body Shop Sheer Lip Shine

These Body Shop Sheer Lip Shine are the predecessors to the current Delipscious Sheer Lip Color, and I bought them on deep discount just right after they disappeared from the stores. And of course they've since sat sealed and untouched in my cabinet until a few months ago when I decided to finally try them. I have 3 colors: 01 Sheer Rose, 03 Sheer Strawberry, and 08 Sheer Peach.

I guess these are supposed to be the fancier and shinier version, at least packaging wise, of the lower end Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Color, which are dupes for the now discontinued Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Shine Sticks. That said, I surprised myself in preferring the lower end Jordanas over these. While I don't dislike them, I don't like them either and I expected myself to! They are, at best, ho-hum. Keep in mind though, that these are the older version and I haven't tried the newer Delipscious ones, so things might be very different (and hopefully better) now. That is to say I can see why The Body Shop phased these out and introduced a new line. 

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I honestly didn't expect these to not wow me, after all, their swatched well and the colors are gorgeous! I think it's their texture that bothers me the most. While the pigmentation is quite decent for a gloss stick that is supposedly sheer, these apply so thin they feel kind of cheap. And because of this much too thin texture, they don't feel as smooth on my lips. I guess it must be all the shimmers giving them a fine sand-like texture, much like the Stila Lip Glazes in Grapefruit and Apricot? Regardless of what causes that slight grittiness, it bothers me a lot! Also, their supposedly fruity scents all have this fake chemically smell that's kind of off-putting. I want to give them an excuse in that they might be old and stale, but my VS Glossy Shine Sticks are even older and perhaps staler and they don't smell like that at all!

- 01 Sheer Rose: a rosy pink with gold shimmers that makes a pretty my-lips-but-better color.

- 03 Sheer Strawberry: my favorite color out of the bunch, a translucent blue based strawberry red. I swipe just one layer on the lower lips and press for juicy tinted lips :)

- 08 Sheer Peach: peach with gold shimmers. For some reason this particular color goes on kind of flat on my lips :(

From left to right: 01 Sheer Rose, 03 Sheer Strawberry, and 08 Sheer Peach.

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