Monday, December 5, 2011

Maquillage Design Cheek Color

Been using these Maquillage Design Cheek Color for the past 2 months so I guess it's about time I post at least a short review for them ^.^

These came out a few years ago and has been in the permanent line up ever since. They're pretty and straightforward, being a gradation blush with just 2 color choices: 70 Red Variation and 80 Pink Variation. I love Maquillage for their buttery eye shadows (Eye Color, Eye Color N, and Christopher Kane's Jeweling Palettes a while back), but their blush and powder department is a tad inconsistent in my opinion. Thank goodness these Design Cheek Colors are among the hits for me, with just one other being the Precious Design Powder

70 Red Variation. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These powder blushes are very finely milled and are silky soft! All 4 of the color triangles have shimmers, but they leave a soft focus glowy finish instead of a shimmery one. Also, the 70 Red Variation seems to be more pigmented than the 80 Pink Variation, but both show up well on me so I don't have any complaints. There are instructions as to apply which color where on the face to highlight but I'm usually too lazy and so I just whirl my brush over the whole thing :P

- 70 Red Variation: I think this is a total misnomer because this blush looks orange and goes orange with just a hint of peach on me. 

- Top: looks orange in the pan and goes on me orange with a hint of peach.
- Right: looks muted orangey peach in the pan and goes on me a pale peach.
- Bottom: a pearly off white
- Left: pastel pinky peach, goes on me more an ivory ^.^

- 80 Pink Variation: sorry the coloring is totally off with the picture below. The sun was shining a plenty when I took the pictures below, so this blush may look way more coral than it really is. It's definitely pink in real life, even the color on the right is a warm rosy pink instead of that brownish red you see in the photo. You can see the pinkness in the swatch picture, but then that swatch picture also makes this blush look super sheer when it does show up nicely on me. Urgh. Just bad lighting I guess.

- Top: I know it appears very warm in the picture above, but it's actually is a pretty carnation pink.
- Right: again, this is a warmer rosy pink, though you can't really tell the color from the swatch, sorry!
- Bottom: a pale cloud pink.
- Left: a pretty princess pink.


kuri said...

They look so soft! lovely blushes.
How do you find the lasting power to be?

D. said...

Hi kuri,

They last for a quite a while on me. I applied some this morning at around 8:30AM and it's now 9PM and I can still see the blush on my cheeks ^.^


kuri said...

Wow, that's impressive! I may need to get the pink one, heh.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

I should note that I do wear my good ol' Allie sunscreen underneath that acts as a base and that helps keep most of my blushes from fading!

I'll be curious to see how you like these and how they fare on you!


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