Friday, December 23, 2011

Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel

I got this Missha Deluxe Sampler back in the late spring/early summer and even after several trips, both within (Shizuoka, Nikko) and outside of Japan (Seattle, and a few home visits), I still haven't finished the 20mL tube of Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel in the set! 

Missha Deluxe Sampler

Left to right: travel sizes of Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel (20mL), Deep Cleansing Oil (18mL), Luminous Color Lip Gloss (2.5g), Perfect Cover B.B. Cream #23 (10mL), and B.B. Boomer (10mL).

To be honest it's nowhere nearly as good as the Tabibijin Tea Peeling Gel, or even the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel that was my very first peeling gel a few years back. For one the texture is kind of odd, like a floury gel versus Tabibijin's smooth translucent gel, while the Laneige one at least has pink granules. On top of being perfumy, it doesn't really do a good job with the peeling either. Every time I use this, I end up getting pretty frustrated as I kept massaging and massaging my face and nothing really happens. I get a tiny little bit of balling here and there but that's it, nothing dramatic like with the Tabibijin or Laneige peeling gels. At first I thought I didn't use enough, so the next time I squeezed out a little more, only to get the same result. May be I should go the other way and use even less than the amount I first tried it with, but otherwise, I started with a dry and clean face, just as instructed.

So that is to say I'm not sure how this peeling gel would be doing everything it claims to do, i.e. skin renewal, detoxifying, and brightening, if it can't really peel properly to begin with. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly impressed with this peeling gel so far and I'm glad I bought the sample size instead of buying the full size tube. On the other hand, Missha's Super Aqua line has some other interesting looking stuff so I might give those a try instead...

***Picture from Missha USA.


Julia said...

Oh, thanks for the review! I had this on my ebay wishlist, but will kick it off now. Some others bloggers I came across seemed to like this, but many didn't also stated it was their first peeling gel. Plus, I think our skin types are somewhat similar, and since I know you better, I trust your reviews more. :)

Merry Christmas, btw!

D. said...

Hi Julia,

I just went back and incorporate the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel into this review too as I totally forgot to mention it. It's pretty good too, and much more easily accessed than the Tabibijin one (i.e. Ebay galore!). You should check out that one instead. It should cost around the same as this Missha one, may be a few dollars more, but comes in a huge tube that lasted me for freakin' ever!!!

Right back at you, Julia ^.^

Cheers and keep warm,

Julia said...

Thank you!
Hm, I have found an Innisfree peeling gel on ebay I shall get some time or other, I guess. :)

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