Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kamatora Delivery

Urgh. I'm behind on my posts again. Sorry! I'm catching up now since there are some fun posts lining up for August ^.^

Kamatora is a brand new addition to our delivery-only list, serving somewhat traditional Japanese food cooked in a steel bowl coated with non-stick teflon on the inside. We were so excited when we received their menu flier we called to order just an hour after the flier dropped LOL! Let's just say pretty much everything on their menu is drool-worthy, check it out for yourself via their official website, by which you can also place delivery orders. The lunch selection is small, only a handful of choices, but the set meal is much more filling than it looks.

The coolest part? They actually deliver the food in real tableware, just like our favorite Neighborhood Chinese Restaurant! Each set meal comes with its own wooden lacquered tray. The main entree in the steel bowl encased in a wooden holder and lid, a few slices of pickled vegetables (they just love pickles here in Japan, and I do too so it works out perfectly ^.^), and another lacquered tray of condiments with shredded nori, chopped scallions, and grated real wasabi. For what, you may ask? See that thermal pot? It's *not* tea but rather dashi. Hubby and I were totally fooled the first time we ordered, only to find out upon pouring each other some "tea" into our tea cups that this "tea" looked and smelled suspiciously broth xD 

So yeah, the dashi is for ochazuke, as in pouring tea over rice and eat it with savory toppings, sort of like cereal. In this case, they offered dashi broth instead of tea, so if there are leftover rice in your steel bowl, you can either scoop it out into the provided lacquered bowl (in saran wrap) and pour dashi over it or pour the dashi straight into the steel bowl and eat it that way. The shredded nori, chopped scallion, and wasabi are all garnishing for ochazuke and together they taste like a light rice soup. Pretty yummy, although hubby made the mistake of dropping all the wasabi into his bowl (he loves wasabi) and boy did it hurt. Unlike the fake stuff, the real wasabi's got some bite in it!

Hubby ordered salmon with kimchee and I ordered the seasonal unagi. Both were delicious!

So what happens after we eat? The same as with the Neighborhood Chinese Restaurant. They said specifically not to rinse the dishes out, so we just stacked everything up and put them neatly into a large plastic bag provided and left it outside our apartment door. A couple of hours later, it mysteriously and quietly disappeared ^.^ We didn't touch the lacquered bowls so they remained in their saran wrap. We didn't touch the plastic rice ladle or the disposable chopsticks either so they remained in their plastic packaging. We have our own here at the apartment, so why bother, right?

Anyway, the experience was so fun and the food was so good we came (erhh...called) back for more a few days later, this time ordering something else entirely different.

Hubby got the pork and kimchee (yes, he loves kimchee too), and I got the Japanese simmered pork, which is a very similar dish to both the Vietnamese caramelized pork and Chinese black pork (Dongpo rou). Again, both were delicious. My simmer pork was no doubt fatty, but they were so so tender. Yum! I want more!!!

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