Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dr.Ci:Labo Gold Lift Set

Have you ever clicked on one of those pesky ads that appears on your emails, the blogs you read, the websites you surf, the online shop you browse, etc.? I never pay attention to any of them, until one caught my eyes, this free Dr.Ci:Labo Gold Lift Set with free shipping

My first reaction was that it was a scam. After all, they are giving away trial sized jar and tube of the new Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-EX and BB Perfect Cream Enrich-Lift SPF35 PA++, in addition to a nice gold makeup pouch. They even listed the retail value of the set, 1,575yen (~US$20), and yet they're giving, and shipping, it to me for free? Why would they do that? I mean, sure, Fuji Film sold me the Astalift Moisture Trial Kit for only 500yen (~US$6) with free shipping, but at least I'm still paying something. Dr.Ci:Labo is going to just give this to me for nothing? 

So I went to Dr.Ci:Labo's official Japanese website to see for myself, and sure enough it's real. They are going to just give it to me! I still had a valid Japanese address at the time, so I thought, why the hell not? Yes, of course the trade off is that they got me to go look at their website, giving them my email and (no longer active) Japanese snail mail address, and I guess I am advertising for them on this blog via this post. But still, it's good skincare freebies. I've tried a few sample pouches handed out at my local drugstores and they were quite nice.

If you have a current Japanese address (one set per household), you should check it out and see if this free Gold Lift Set is still available ^.^ I never thought of buying the full size because they're so pricey, but I sure wouldn't refuse them as freebies. According to my calculation, the trial set has a retail value of 1,608yen, just slightly higher than what they listed, not counting the gold makeup pouch. You should totally get one, it's nifty, and it's free ^.^
***Above pictures from Dr.Ci:Labo JP.

Like the Astalift Moisture Kit, this Gold Lift Set also arrive in a factory sealed box without an outer packaging.

I haven't opened up the gold makeup pouch. I was packing at the time and just threw it into my luggage unopened. But it felt like it was well made, as the material was soft and the pouch was padded and lined inside.

I haven't used any of these yet either. I probably will pack them for Taipei, since they're very conveniently sized for travel. Nice freebies, huh?

Left: Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-EX, 10g x 1 jar, retail value 726yen (8,715yen/120g) 
Right: BB Perfect Cream Enrich-Lift SPF35 PA++, 7g x 1 tube, retail value 882yen (3,780yen/30g)

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