Tuesday, August 21, 2012

X-Girl Spring 2011 Collection Mook

This X-Girl Spring 2011 Collection was another mook I never got around to posting. It was an impulse buy at the time. When I looked back, I wasn't so excited about it anymore and so eventually I forgot it even existed. When I finally opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very nice denim tote bag inside. From the picture on the cover it didn't look anything special. In fact, it probably doesn't look anything special from the pictures I took either, so you'll just have to trust me that it's a lot nicer in real life than in pictures.

As mentioned above, the tote is made of cotton denim, not the super thin kind like those jean leggings or even the lightweight summer jeans. At the same time, it's not a heavy winter denim either. It's just soft enough and thick enough to feel sturdy. It's a lighter pale blue in color with a yellowy tint. The front has 3 logo patches sewn on and the overall craftsmanship is excellent. Clean and even stitching with no loose threads.

The tote measures 26(height) x 43.5(length) x 12(width) cm, not too big but not a mini tote by any means. The size is just right in my opinion and the model picture on the cover actually makes it look bigger than it is. It has one pink button closure at top and the handles are stitched on very securely. By the way, there are no funny stuffing in the handles, which I really dislike. They're just straight up denim, folded and sewn together. The interior is not lined, but all inner seams are covered. 

There is one interior pocket with purple zipper closure, which to me is a great plus. And last but not least, the tote is completely machine wash and dry-able. It is denim after all! So in the end, I'm actually really glad I bought this mook and I think I have found myself a new book bag for my up coming classes in Taipei ^.^ 

The rest of the mook is okay, again because the clothing is not really my cup of tea. I think the fashion and the style are aimed at young college gals, think Victoria's Secret Pink.  

And plus some of the models' pouty-I'm-so-cute faces made me want to smack them silly LOL! Notice their mouths are open in 2 out of 3 pictures, what's up with that? Was there not enough air or something?

I do think that reversible olive green/inmate stripes bomber jacket is cute though ^.^ I'd totally wear it (and perhaps look criminally awkward in it too)!

An editorial with Lena Fujii, who was until this past April was a longtime spokesmodel for Canmake Tokyo, one of my favorite brands of Japanese drugstore cosmetics. Canmake products are super affordable, and although they are hit and miss, the hit ones are excellent in quality and are usually out of the park home runs for me.

These pages showcase the fans' self styling with pieces of their choice (I think). Pretty neat idea to shine some spotlights on their customers and their sense of style. I'm always interested in what "real" people are wearing and how they pair their clothing, as oppose to a "professional."

Next up is the models' self styling with pieces of their choice. I'm not as impressed here. I think models have the advantage of being exposed to so many different venues of fashion and stylists that it would surprise me if they did not develop their own style. Then again, sometimes you can tell right away when an otherwise "posh" celebrity gives their stylist a holiday LOL! So perhaps there are people out there who are just dense when it comes to fashion (one of them would be me...ha!). That or they could not care less (I would like to think I don't care).

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