Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fiafini Skincare Deluxe Anti-Aging Eye Cream

This a full size 15mL/0.5fl oz. pump bottle of Fiafini Skincare Deluxe Anti-Aging Eye Cream, also from one of the Dermstore Fall 2012 Super Luxe Grab Bags, Bag #2. I moved onto this eye cream after having finally finished the 5mL tube of Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream back in April.

Minor complaint first - the idea of a pump bottle for an eye cream is hygienic and, by definition, fantastic. But having just opened up my bottle and pumped for a million time without getting any eye cream to dispense, I opened up the bottle to find the pump tube inside has broken off and sunk down to the bottom of the bottle. So I ended up having to scoop the eye cream out into a separate jar, which means I do have to dip my finger into the cream anyway :(

This eye cream is free of color, fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol, and parabens. It looks thick but is quite light, goes on light and absorbs quickly. However, whenever I accidentally apply too much, it will pill up and rub right off of my skin. I started out using this as a night eye cream and find it adequately moisturizing, even with my skin throwing a dry and flaky tantrum. Out of curiosity, I started wearing it during the day also to see if it could handle layering underneath my sunscreen. It does! So this eye cream is sort my day and night eye cream right now, which is rare since I've always needed two separate creams, a lighter one for the day and a thicker one at night.

As this cream is light, I'm liberal with each application, which means I risk it pilling and rubbing off so I'm always careful to dab and press it into the skin instead. I've scooped out about a third of the bottle, enough to fill a 5mL jar, and even with my liberal day and night use since April I've only managed to use up half that 5mL! So this whole 15mL bottle will probably take me several more months to finish, if not the rest of this year and then some. So I'd say this is worth the retail of $40 per bottle, although I probably won't repurchase. By the time I'm done with the bottle I'd be so sick of it and ready to move on to something new ^.^ 

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