Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

I explored a little bit into liquid eye liners this year, and got a hold of these Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner a few months ago. There were several colors, but I chose the four I most likely will wear: Flash, Rock Candy, Royal, and Starry

Left to right: Flash, Rock Candy, Royal, and Starry. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I had expected these to be liquid eye liner pens (I didn't consult "the google" before purchase LOL). Turns out I had mistaken them with their sister Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner. Oops ^.^ ' These Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners are wands with a tapered foam tips, I guess this means I'll just have to gain a really steady hand?

These need to be shaken well before application. I had expected the formula to be runny but it's not, although in this case that's a blessing. I have very dry skin, so runny formula tends to feather and bleed into the lines of my skin before setting, and that wouldn't look very good now, would it? Thank goodness this actual formula is more like a gel with dense sparkles, so it stays where I put it and doesn't run anywhere. I was afraid all the shimmers would make it all gritty and scratchy, which will definitely irritate my eyes, but they feel pretty darn smooth on the back of my hands.

Yes, I'm trying to say I haven't actually worn these on my lids. Why? Well, because these really are waterproof as claimed! Actually, they're even oil-cleanser-proof, holy crap! See for yourself in the pictures below - they didn't budge at all with 2 pumps of my currently in use PharmaAct Additive Free Cleansing Oil, not smudging or even smearing a little bit! What the...?? I kept massaging and massaging, and after 5 minutes I thought, okay, they're not coming off, so I went to rinse with water, and was finally able to scrape and peel them off with my nails! These liquid liners dried into what feels like dried nail polish! Cheesus, really? 

So yeah, I haven't applied these to my lids, because if I had to scrape them off of the back of my hands, how the hell am I going to get them off of my lids? I could blame the PharmaAct cleansing oil for not doing a good job taking off makeup, but it takes everything else off just fine! Anyway, they're gorgeous colors, and I had contemplated getting more colors like Spectrum (multi-color shimmery black) and Sequins (shimmery black), may be even Curacao (shimmery periwinkle). But if they're like polish on my lids... Hmm...

- Flash: a green olive with golden shimmers. Gorgeous!

- Rock Candy: a shimmery dark chocolate. Again, gorgeous!

- Royal: a lilac (more blue) or violet (more pink), depends on which angle light hits. A stunning color! See angled swatches below.

- Starry: a slate with silver shimmers.

From left to right: Flash, Rock Candy, Royal, and Starry. See how Royal is lilac in the left picture but is violet in the right picture? This color is absolutely breathtaking!

And no, that's not water on the back of my hand. It's cleansing oil, and I had been rubbing at it for a few moments when I was so amazed I called hubby in to help me take these pictures. They didn't budge a smidgen, with the colors remaining fresh and even the edges remaining clear! Am I supposed to put that on my eyes? O.O


kuri said...

Hrm, these sound intriguing - there must be a way to remove them!

D. said...

And let's hope it's something other than acetone :X


kuri said...

yes, some non-damaging way to remove them!

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