Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's Skin Babyface Powder in Cream Blusher

I spotted these It's Skin Babyface Powder in Cream Blusher last month and was excited to try them. There were three colors, 01 Strawberry Cream, 02 Coral Cream, and 03 Apricot Cream.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These are cream-to-powder blushes in very practical rectangular pans with clear lids. The texture is smooth and creamy, think Canmake Cream Cheeks, blends easily and dries faster than expected. The colors are shimmer free and somewhat milky, but since these are for the cheeks I don't mind the opacity. 

So what's the problem? Their pigmentation is nonexistent :( They barely showed up at all as swatches, and I did a few swirls with my fingertip to make sure I'd picked up enough of the product. With whatever that was left on my finger after swatching, I blended them below the swatches and these blended spots almost disappeared on the back of my hand. Unless you're super duper pale, you'd probably have to goop these on to see some colors, if any. How fast can you say pathetic?  

01 Strawberry Cream: a very pale and milky powder pink.

02 Coral Cream: not coral but more like very pale milky peach.

03 Apricot Cream: not apricot but a yellow-based orange. This would have been nice if it had some pigment.

01 Strawberry Cream, 02 Coral Cream, and 03 Apricot Cream swatches (top row) and blended (bottom row).


crackpot_honey said...

Oh. :/ Yeah, maybe it would work well on pale skin like mine, I heard negative things about the Baby Face powder blushes also for not being pigmented, but I love exactly that as it's so easy to overdo on really pale skin, and they have this fair, white base that I love in many korean blushes and don't usually find in the west.
It's a bummer all three shades are like this, they should have mixed it up more!

D. said...

Oh yeah, I bet it would probably show up much better on you! I think the coral cream would be really pretty actually since you're so fair. But I can't see it at all on me, especially when I'm warm toned too :(


Coco N said...

Shame they aren't better, they're so cute x

D. said...

Hi Coco N,

Yup. The clouds on the clear plastic lids are so Peanuts-esque too. That's why I hang on to them and didn't toss like some other cheek cream *ahem*


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