Sunday, August 9, 2009

Castledew Diacut Cheek

I have been in love (well, more like in lust) with this Castledew Diacut Cheek #901 Planet Love Dia by VOV, a Korean brand, compact ever since I spotted it on this blog by an Austrian gal who is a major collector of Japanese and Korean-made makeup and skincare. The problem was that Gmarket doesn't work with my Mac so my only option left was Ebay. As you know, the Ebay price was most probably jacked up 2-3x fold so I ended up agonizing much over it for many many months before taking the plunge. And then after purchasing this compact, I stumbled upon another Ebay seller who offers other Diacut eye compacts, which are equally as darling, for much cheaper. Damn!

But nevermind that, I am just happy to have finally gotten a hold of this beauty. The compact, especially the baked color combination, are just gorgeous to look at! It has 9 different colors ranging from pink to red to orange and you can build a (mostly warmer) blush to your liking. The reason I said "mostly warmer" because if you prefer a cooler blush, you are pretty much limited to the far left column of all cool pinks, which means 2/3 of the compact is warm and only 1/3 is cool. My guess is that the middle column is supposed to be neutral but, in my opinion, turned out to be quite warm. Then again, I've seen different reviews of gals who claimed they cannot wear very warm blushes yet fared just fine with this compact.

Regardless, the compact was endless fun to play with. The top row of colors are the lightest, which also can be used as highlighters. Add into the mix is the fact that this compact can also be used as eye shadows! I took this with me on my trip visiting my parents because I didn't want to pack separate cheek and eye colors, so I packed a multi-purpose product :) This product is a baked powder, which means it's not the silkiest or the softest, as expected of baked products. The color pay off is great though, and 6 out of 9 colors are metallic so some blending is needed or it will look obvious.

As cheek colors, I just swirled my brush over the whole thing since I was always in hurry during the trip and had no time to decide which colors to mix. But I'd have to say I loved the over all peachy coral color it gave my cheeks :) As eye colors, again I was always in a hurry so just an eye-brightening effect was my goal and I mainly used the top row to achieve it. There was a couple of times I got really gutsy and used the middle row's Rose Pink Dia and Planet Orange (the middle and far right colors), which was total "woh" moment, inspired by a gal behind the Teavana counter at the local mall. As for the bottom row, it channeled a bit too much of Lady Vengeance and out of the question for me as eye shadows. Yeah, yeah, I'm chicken shit, whatever. May be in a few more years I'll gather up enough courage to wear them :P

#901 Planet Love Dia

Top row, left to right:
- Pure Pink: metallic pearl, medium intensity, a fluffy pink with lilac iridescent shine that is more pigmented than let on
- Pink Platinum: metallic, low intensity, very pale, almost-white beige-pink, true to the color in the pan
- Orange Dia: metallic, low intensity, a pale candy orange with hints of peach, also true the color in the pan,

Middle row, left to right:
- Love Pink: metallic, medium intensity, bubblegum cool pink
- Rose Pink Dia: metallic, high intensity, reddish orange but with coral undertone
- Planet Orange: metallic, medium intensity, true orange, a bit brighter than what you see in the pan

Bottom row, left to right:
- Love Holic: metallic pearl, high intensity, a bright pink with some fuschia thrown in
- Rose Holic: metallic, high intensity, looks like a muted ruby red but showed up more of a brick red on me
- Peach Holic: this color has a very unique finish - metallic satin, if that makes any sense, high intensity, looks tomato red in the pan but turned coral on me


anna said...

The colors look absolutely gorgeous!

D. said...

Hi anna,

They really are gorgeous! Now I'm soooooo tempted to get a hold of the eye shadows too :D

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