Saturday, April 8, 2017

Delica Ondoru (Korean cuisine)

Tokyo is a gigantic city with endless options to explore. This was what we kept telling our family and friends who came to visit. 

...But then whenever a holiday or vacation came around for ourselves, hubby and I left the city instead ^.^" Living in Tokyo was much different than visiting it of course. As much we loved the city, the density and the fast pace were taxing so whenever we got a chance, we escaped elsewhere for a break and a breather.

All that blabbering was a lame excuse for not exploring Shin-Okubo (aka Koreatown) further. But the few times we did go, we ate here at Delica Ondoru

The restaurant was quite sizable with a downstairs and upstairs seating area as well as a deli selling takeouts. And still whenever we went there was a line, even at 2-3pm!

The food was great! There are only a few pictures because every single time we just jumped right in and wolfed everything down before I remember to snap a few. These posted photos are of almost-emptied plates, which speak well of the food there, no?

The only down side was the price, especially with yakiniku. We'd get a small plate of meat for 3,000yen, the reason we constantly deferred to AnAn in Akasaka to get our fix of delicious grilled meat. If you're ever in Shin-Okubo, I'd recommend this place!

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