Sunday, April 30, 2017

Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick Part III

Towards the end of December, my direct order with the Suqqu UK counter at Selfridges arrived, and I got a hold of two more Suqqu Extra Glow Lipsticks in 09 宵果実 (Yoikajitsu) Deep Midnight Berry and EX-03 蜜柘榴 (Mitsuzakuro) Juicy Bordeaux.

These photos are from early January, so while I'm all caught up with all the Japan stuff, I'm still almost 4 months behind when it comes to makeup photos. See, not running out of things to post about anytime soon...

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- 09 宵果実 (Yoikajitsu) Deep Midnight Berry: shimmer-free and translucent cool berry. Beautiful and flattering on. Since my direct order, this color has come in and out of stock online briefly a few times. I do want a backup but I've been in lippie overload so I refrained.

- EX-03 蜜柘榴 (Mitsuzakuro) Juicy Bordeaux: a shimmer-free, transparent, and so sheer the "bordeaux" comes a mere reddish tint. Juicy? May be. Bordeaux? Not really. EX-03 was sold out in a snap on Selfridge UK online and they never restocked it. So ordering direct was my only option left. Though I wasn't thrilled to bite the bullet and pay the GBP30 international delivery fee, I took the chance to pick up a bunch of other things the online store never stocks, like the Blend Color Eyeshadow 15 蜜茶 (Mitsucha).

09 宵果実 (Yoikajitsu) Deep Midnight Berry and EX-03 蜜柘榴 (Mitsuzakuro) Juicy Bordeaux.

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