Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick Part III

After purchasing Suqqu Bright Up Lipsticks in 02 花紅 (Hanabeni), 03 薔薇色 (Barairo), and 07 朱杏 (Akaanzu) at an incredible discounted price of GBP17.46 (~$22.25 at the current rates) during the Selfridges UK online annual sales event, I went back for more knowing these would be discontinued and gone for good. I'm so happy to have them now, because they're indeed no longer available, not even at cut-throat prices on E(vil)bay.

The second time around, I picked up 04 桜桃色 (Outouiro), 06 夕映 (Yuubae), and couldn't resist adding 08 澄橙 (Sumidaidai) to my direct order with the Suqqu UK counter at the Selfridges physical store.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

It seems 04 and 06 have the same formula as 02 花紅 (Hanabeni) and 03 薔薇色 (Barairo): they're creams with semi-opaque in finish and a slight milkiness that adapts to my lips. Meanwhile, 08 does have a balmier texture like 09 薊映 (Azamibae), but it's a cream-jelly and not full on jelly like 09 as I had thought. So let's just say I'm kind of confused and don't understand the inconsistency at all.

- 04 桜桃色 (Outouiro): a pretty sakura pink that goes on true to the swatch. I was afraid the pink might be too pale and washes me out, but thankfully it doesn't. 

- 06 夕映 (Yuubae): a wearable peachy nude. 

- 08 澄橙 (Sumidaidai): a translucent reddish coral, my go-to range of color that I just can't have enough of!

From left to right: 04 桜桃色 (Outouiro), 06 夕映 (Yuubae), and 08 澄橙 (Sumidaidai).

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