Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lipstick Queen Lipsticks Comparison Swatches

Here are swatches for my Lipstick Queen lippies collection, which I love with all my heart. Note the absence of all the two Sinners (Red and Pink) and Red Metal. I've passed them on because I don't touch them at all. Medieval isn't pictured because it perpetually lives in my purse and isn't subjected to any rotation.

No, I'm not doing comparison swatches of my collections because I'm running out of topics. It's actually the opposite. Since coming home, I've realized that my lippie collection has grown drastically. I've been going nuts with lippies and am appropriately behind with photos and posts ^.^"

All pictures taken in natural light without flash. Click to zoom.

My daily routine's been reduced even further since Tokyo days. Eye makeup went from full looks a few times a week to just weekends towards the end of our Japan stay. Now it's down to just a lid wash, or smudging a deep shade along the lash lines, or bare lids with a dusting of sunscreen powder. When hubby and I go on dates, and we try to once a week because everyone tells us there won't be any dates for a long time once the little one arrives, I'd line my eyes just to be fancy.

But I haven't skipped out on the cheek colors and lippies. They're the only things that'll pull me together now, brighten up my face, and make me look more awake (note I didn't say feel--ha!). In a way, my subconscious is telling me it's all going to come down to just the lippies, and my hoard mentality goes into overdrive accordingly.

So here we are. Enjoy the swatch photos while I prepare for more posts :)

- Saints Lipsticks: probably my favorite of all the LQ formulas.
Top row: Coral, Pink, Pinky Nude, Red, Fire Red, and Scarlet Red.
Bottom row: Rose, Bright Rose, Hot Rose, Rouge, Sunny Rouge, and Wine.

- Butterfly Ball: Float, Fly, Goodbye, Moment, Sigh, Smitten, and Trance.

- Endless Summer, left three: Aloha, Perfect Wave, and Stoked.
- Dancing Queen, right three: Cha Cha, Electric Slide, and The Hustle.
It's really too bad these two lines have been discontinued. They're gorgeous, both in formula and in colors. 

- Liptropolis, left three: Central Park, Soho, and Upper East. Admittedly a tad too pigmented for me so I thin them out with lip balm. Lovely colors.
- Jean Queen, third from right. This might live in my purse next, after Medieval.
- Jungle Queen, second from right. Again, way too pigmented for me so I thin it out with lip balm.
- Bete Noire Possessed Sheer, far right. My absolute favorite deep wine-blackberry ever. No others have come close to being so flattering on me. Very tempted to get a backup.

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