Monday, October 28, 2019

Rohto Lip The Color SPF26 PA+++

In addition to Kiss Creamy Sheer Rouge, another huge hit for me from Julia's generous care package from last fall was this Rohto Lip The Color SPF26 PA+++ in the color Precious Red. Yes, it has a stupid name, but it's an awesome lippie so don't write it off just yet.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Like Kiss Creamy Sheer Rouge, Rohto Lip The Color is housed in a black plastic tube. It feels cheaper and more plastic-y than Kiss for sure, but for some 600yen a piece I won't complain, whereas Kiss retails for 1,300yen. 

The lippie itself is more solid also, with the twist-up tube retractable and won't crumble. The formula is very similar, with Rohto being slightly thinner, slightly less glossy, and having a bit less tug on the lips, but otherwise is just as moisturizing. Despite the super sheer swatch on the back of my hand, Rohto shows up on my lips better than Kiss too! For a sheer, no mirror required lippie at some 600yen a piece, this is hoard-worthy stuff for me, folks.

And hoard it I did ^.^ I went back for the remaining two colors Pink Coral and Foggy Rose, plus a backup of each. Will review later. Recently, they added one more color to the permanent lineup, a Camel Brown, which I skipped because it was too brown. Julia just picked up two more limited editions for me also, a Mermaid Blue (clear) and a Shine On Berry. Thank you so much, Julia! Can't wait to get to them!

- Precious Red: a shimmer free and transparent warm red. My perfect everyday wear. Love. 

From left to right: Rohto Lip The Color Precious Red, Mentholatum Lip Fondue Orange Marmalade, Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip RD1, and Chifure Lipstick 549. I accidentally swatched the Lip Fondue and the Cezanne out of order, woops. Either way, will review the latter three next.


Julia said...

I'm so glad you like this despite the stupid name! I've been wearing the heck out of the limited pink yesterday and like it better than the rose I already own. The formula seems to spread better? Or maybe it's the shimmer particles.

Now I'm really interested in your reviews of the other lipsticks. The Chifure was super popular last year and sold out almost everywhere, but when I finally bought it, it looked awful on me lol. Maybe I'll wear it for Halloween XD
The Cezanne is pretty good IMO, I bought another color before it got discontinued (Pink something) and like it a lot.

D. said...

Hey Julia,

I LOVE this stuff, and wee!!!! I now have 2 of those LE pinks all thanks to you!!!

I'll review them next. I've got them all lined up in my draft box ^.^ The Chifure is nice but is SO opaque and pigmented I can only wear dabs of it applied over clear lip balm. The Cezanne was another big hit, and I have several more colors (from Rakuten JP!) as proof xD


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