Sunday, May 8, 2011

Steady March 2011 (Picture Heavy!)

Steady March 2011 issue is one of the best issues I've seen so far among all the magazines I've collected. I guess it's spring time, and all the new clothes, shoes, hair, new everything is out! And of course, the freebie this time being a 3-set Peanuts pouches featuring super cute Snoopy prints doesn't hurt either!

I've been wanting to post about this issue for a while but never got around to actually posting until now. I really love that 3-pouch set!

The pouches are made of polyester. All comes with zipper closure, unlined but had their inner seams covered. They are held together by a removable heart-shaped clip and accompanied by a heart-shaped Snoopy charm.

The largest pouch has white, red Snoopy, and chocolate heart print on pink background and measures 14(height) x 21(length) cm. The medium pouch has white polka dot and Snoopy print on red background and measures 11.5(height) x 15(length) cm. The small pouch has pastel Snoopy, heart, and flower print on ivory background and measures 8.5(height) x 11.5(length) cm.

The heart-shaped clip and Snoopy charm.

The whole 3-pouch set and accessories.

Inside of the small pouch.

Inside of the medium pouch.

Inside of the large pouch.

Picture of the model with the magazine freebie.

So below are all the new spring goodies, not that I will actually run out and buy something, but they're fun to look at :P

New spring-y bags

Spring-y shoes

That gingham picnic dress definitely got my attention, but of course that's just fantasy because it'll look like a giant table cloth on me ^.^

I like these pages - street fashion snaps, though they seem too put together to truly be "street" fashion, but whatever. If you really want to see Japanese street fashion, check this page out!

And different takes of celebrity hair too!

I like these pages too, the "Before and After" fixes, although I had (and still am having) a very hard time understanding what was wrong with some of the "Befores" to begin with! They all look perfectly fine to me LOL!

Yeah ok, some of the "After" fixes are okay, but in my opinion not necessarily that much better than the "Before."

And frankly I like some of the "Before's" better! I guess that's why no one's taking fashion advices from me :P

And a random page of cuteness!

And I just thought this ad for a cell phone dating game is hilarious. I think it says something along the lines of, "Would you want a love like [those in] shoujo manga? A guy who's sweet to you..." But of course I want a boyfriend with alien-like bug eyes and hair cut that can be mistaken for mine, who's super tall and skinny with a head that's disproportionally larger than his body! And what can be more romantic than the awkward high school dates in which my boyfriend is too shy to hold my hand or even admit that he likes me. Aww...those darn shoujo mangas, why do they have to set such high dating standards? Damn!

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