Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nagoya, Aichi

Two weekends ago hubby went on a short weekend trip to Nagoya with 2 of his colleagues to visit a well known professor in their field. Being so spoiled I got to tag along again since I don't mind wandering around by myself while they go do their thing ^.^  

The best part about traveling on the Japanese shinkansen? The specialty bentos, duh! And of course the ride on the Nozomi (the fastest shinkansen service between Tokyo and Osaka) was super duper smooth. The trip from Tokyo to Nagoya took about 1.5 hours, with just one more hour to arrive in Osaka. Awesome, huh?

Hubby's specialty seafood bento from Sendai and my sukiyaki bento.

H. san's beef kalgi bento and A. san's yakiniku bento.

Hubby and H. san in front of Nagoya Station. Too bad we didn't go over to the other side to see the iconic view of the Nagoya castle with the 2 giant JR towers in the back drop. That would have been a nice photo to take - check out the picture in Nagoya Station's wikipedia page if you don't believe me.

After hubby's "official" business, we spent the weekend sightseeing around Nagoya. While wandering around Nagoya Station alone on the first afternoon, I stumbled upon a Fortnum & Mason teashop in the 1st basement of the Midland Square cinema building where they served afternoon tea ^.^ Of course when hubby got done with his professor meeting I dragged him there with me. It wasn't that great and was totally overpriced, but the experience was fun. It was my first time having afternoon tea actually as I don't know of a place that serves it in Yokohama. I'm pretty sure there are quite a few places in Tokyo, but I never go up there around brunch/afternoon/late afternoon time for afternoon tea. It's definitely a British thing so it's not exactly readily available at home in the US of A either, which is a total shame. Cakes, scones, and sandwiches on platters? Yes, please! ^.^ Once we get to Taipei I'm so going to spend a weekend in Hong Kong just having afternoon tea. Any recommendations? I've read the Peninsula Hong Kong does the best afternoon tea in town ;D

Omiyage from Nagoya - mochi in 5 different flavors. From left to right: brown sugar, sakura, matcha, white, and azuki bean. 

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