Saturday, March 16, 2013

Boscia Smoothing Facial Polish

After Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish, I was on the hunt for a similar exfoliator. So I used Boscia's Surprise Beauty Box Holiday 2012 promotion as an excuse to try this Smoothing Facial Polish.

Boscia's Surprise Beauty Box promotion, wherein you get 5 full size products with every order of $75 or more.

***Screencap from Boscia.

The purchased items are boxed at right, and I bought full sizes of, from right to left, this Smoothing Facial Polish, Balancing Facial Tonic, and Soothing Cleansing Cream. The GWP items are unboxed, at left and top, and I received duplicates of Balancing Facial Tonic and Soothing Cleansing Cream, Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil, Vital Daily Moisture SPF 15 (top left, gifted to my mum in law), and Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment.

This is a clear gel with a citrusy verbena scent. It has tiny round translucent exfoliating beads and charcoal powder, rendering it lumpy and gray. Too bad those dense exfoliating beads don't do a thing and this turns out to be another wimpy exfoliator, if you can even call it that. Much like The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator, it's slightly ticklish and that's about it, thanks to those strangely squishy exfoliating beads. While I don't prefer rubbing sandpaper -ahem Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator- all over my face, I do enjoy a good exfoliation once a week and this just doesn't cut it. At all.

That said, there is a big giant "but" - while this Smoothing Facial Polish is a total fail of an exfoliator, funny enough it's an excellent cleanser. In fact, it's probably one of the most gentle and mild yet effective cleansers I've ever used! I would say it's even better a cleanser than the recent Cle de Peau Beaute Gentle Cleansing Foam, and at a third of the price to boot!

The first time I used it, I thought I had use too little of it and didn't even think it cleaned my face properly. My skin felt so comfortable it was as if I'd never used any cleanser to begin with and had only splashed some water on! But then it rinsed completely clean, no, make it squeaky clean. And my face felt and looked clean, and I was so incredulous I scrutinized my skin in the mirror just to make sure I wasn't imagining things (okay, I was just vain, but still...)! And get this - no feelings or signs of dryness whatsoever! After every wash, it literally feels like it was just my naked skin, even when I doubled the amount the few times after to test it. As you can see, I'm impressed.

So yes, I definitely recommend this Smoothing Facial Polish, not as an exfoliator, but as a cleanser. To think it's already this mild and gentle to my dry skin in combination with the super hard water here in SF! Wow.

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