Monday, April 6, 2015

Nanoce BB Mineral Powder SPF50+ PA+++

I bought this Nanoce BB Mineral Powder SPF50+ PA+++ together with Paseo UV Cut Powder from Rakuten JP and got free shipping ^.^ Thinking back though, I paid 2,000JPY for 4g of this Nanoce powder, which is way too expensive considering I can get 3.5g of Privacy UV Face Powder for 800-850JPY! Well, lesson learned.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Nanoce is a nice translucent loose powder with very good sun protection. The active ingredients include zinc oxide (酸化亜鉛), octinoxate (メトキシケイヒ酸エチルヘキシル), Tinosorb M (メチレンビスベンゾトリアゾリルテトラメチルブチルフェノール), and titanium dioxide (酸化チタン), fantastic though still can't surpass Privacy when it comes to UVA protection :P Privacy has Uvinul A+ (ジエチルアミノヒドロキシベンゾイル安息香酸ヘキシル), which is more common in the liquid sunscreens reformulated to the new Japanese standard of PA++++ but rarely shows up in a powder. At the very least, it isn't in any other sun powder I've tried so far aside from Privacy, let alone in the same price range!

Like Privacy, the Nanoce powder is unscented, has great texture, light and invisible once on, long lasting, and doesn't crease. Ultimately though, affordability is this powder's pitfall and will certainly hurt it in the face of some stiff competitions. In fact, just last week I got another sun powder, Higasunne UV Face Powder SPF50+ PA++++ (will review soon ^.^) and it has the exact same product content as Nanoce, 4g, as well as the same 4 active ingredients listed above, only I paid a mere 739JPY a piece ($6.20)! So really, why spend 2,000JPY when you can get a better powder in Privacy, or the exact same powder in Higasunne, for less than half price?

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