Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paul & Joe Eye Color Trio CS

This Paul & Joe Eye Color Trio CS in 093 Le Film was among the Le Film Collection released fall 2014. I skipped most of this collection, picking up only the Lipstick CS 087 Film Festival, and its full pigmentation kept me far away from the other 2 that are full pigment lipsticks also +.+ I did buy a bunch of lipstick cases that were released from previous collections though. I eyed these shadow trios too, but they were too pricey for just a refill at $35, with case $10 sold separately.

***Screencap from Paul & Joe Beaute.

Then of course Beauty Habit put these trios on sale for 25% off, and I had a coupon, so I picked out 093 Le Film, a taupe-plum combo. I was really tempted to get 091 Silver Screen also, but that black liner shade totally put me off. I mean, if it's charcoal powder then I have some right here at home. No need to spend $26.25. Urgh. The 092 Technicolor looks okay, although the brown on the far left looks like it would turn red on me, and not dark enough to be a liner shade. So in the end, 093 Le Film was the best choice.

And of course I had to get a case, so I chose Compact 001 to match the Powder S 001. When both items arrived, their size took me aback a bit -- they're both quite tiny, with the eye shadows being 3g total, which means 1g per color! The compact is made of cardboard, with magnetic closer. Very slim and sleek, and again very small, perfectly portable. I don't mind the mini size, and in fact I prefer small and space-efficient compacts. What I do mind is the price, which to me doesn't quite commensurate with the product content. $35 for 3g of eye shadows? Really?

These eye shadows are scented, the same nice fragrance as the Powder S 001 and the Eye Color Set CS 085 Princess. While the pigmentation is the same as the pressed Eye Color CS 085 in that set, i.e. well pigmented, the texture varies. The medium shade (middle pan) being smoothest and softest, then the sparkling top wash (left) although it's not as smooth due to all the shimmers. The liner shade (right) is smooth but is also denser and has a slight damp feel. 

- 093 Le Film: a lovely taupe-plum combo though I'm slightly disappointed that there's not a metallic shade in this palette. The medium shade has a nice satiny luster that's just shy of being semi metallic, so aww-shucks on that one. Another awkwardness is that there isn't a base/highlighter in this combo, as the far left pan is actually a sparkling top wash. But I'm not lacking of a base/highlighter in any way, shape, or form, so this doesn't really bother me. The liner shade is gorgeous too, so I do like this palette quite a bit. 

From left to right:
- Sparkling top wash: high shimmer, low intensity. A lovely sparkling translucent beige cream that's too sparkly and too translucent to be a base/highlighter. It's more opaque when seen from an angle (forgot to take an angled shot, sorry!) but when looked at directly it's almost transparent.
- Medium shade: shimmer, medium intensity. A pretty taupe with very very fine shimmers that lend to a satiny lustrous sheen. Very pretty, but I still wish it was metallic or at least semi metallic.
- Liner shade: satin, high intensity. A satiny deep plum that makes a gorgeous gorgeous liner. The product close-up photo above is inaccurate with that blue wash, making this color look like a cooler eggplant when it's really a neutral deep plum. Also, it looks matte in the swatch photo but it's definitely not matte!


Coco N said...

I love their packaging. The swatches are so beautiful x

D. said...

Hi Coco N,

Agree! And I'm eyeing a couple other palettes as well.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


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