Sunday, August 23, 2015

Astalift Lotion Part II

Finally finally got around to using the "newer" Astalift Lotion and the quotation marks is for the fact that I bought these trial kits in 2013, so technically they're not "new" but are in fact 2 years old :( 

I have 3 of these trial sizes in 20mL bottles for a total of 60mL, versus the older 30mL bottles with orange twist-caps. I got them from 3 separate sets: the Hari Skin Trial Kit, the Moisture Trial Kit, and the Jelly Aquarysta Gift Set. Each bottle lasts me 2+ weeks with nightly and occasional day use, depending on need.

Hari Skin Trial Kit

Moisture Trial Kit

Jelly Aquarysta Gift Set. I'd long used up this huge jar of Jelly Aquarysta, probably around the winter of 2013.

Is there a difference between this lotion versus the older version? Yes. This lotion feels slightly thicker and has a syrupy sweet scent I'm not fond of at all instead of the usual mild rose fragrance that I much prefer. This is probably due to the fact that they're 2 years old and not fresh (I wouldn't recommend marinating your skincare products for a couple of years before trying it =.=). 

But other than the scent, the lotion works fine. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any traces behind, no stickiness or greasiness which is especially important in this hot and humid weather, just comfortable and softened skin. I do like this lotion a lot and will probably purchase again with some kind of holiday promotion. Right now though I still have a lineup I should probably get through before those marinate for too long.

See my previous Astalift Lotion post.

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