Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Koyudo Brushes Part VIII

Yes, more Koyudo brushes. But we're nearing the end of my Koyudo collection, save for one last hurrah that I'll guest-post for Yelena's blog. So stay tuned ^.^

Anyway, by last hurrah I mean I've gone through my wishlist for Koyudo, unless they come out with another fantastic release like the Fuwafuwa *wink* I have a set of brushes that I use daily for a whole week, then I switch off to another set, then another, and so on. The brush set is for daytime makeup routine, which includes a mineral sunscreen powder all over the face, filling in the brows with brow powder, eye base, a sheer wash of shadow below the crease, blushes, and lipstick applied directly from the tube.

Which means this daily daytime brush set must include:
1. A super dense powder brush to buff on sunscreen powder: Koyudo Fuwafuwa, H007 Kinoko, H-series Macaron, fu-pa07, BP013, BP022, H-series White Kinoko, fu-pa14, fu-pa01, and fu-pa02 -- notice these are all Koyudo brushes! All my other powder brushes are too fluffy and "light weight" and are better at finishing than buffing.  
2. A cheek brush
3. An eyebrow brush, preferably slanted
4. A medium eyeshadow brush

For nighttime, I just freshen up the powder and blush, or if I hadn't apply makeup that day then I do the whole bb cream and sunscreen powder routine. Then I layer on more eye shadows primarily the medium crease shades and liners, and wear a more pigmented lip color. This is where all the other brushes come in, those for bb cream, finishing, highlighting, lay-down, lining, etc. So yeah, my brushes get lots of use, and I try to buy different brushes to switch off with.

In this batch: FPr001, FPr002, Pr002, Pr003, Pr010, and WPr002.

All these brushes are from the Purin line, which I feel haven't received much attention. And I don't understand why, because they're just as quality, just as affordable, and way cuter ^.^ The prices listed are current, but I got mine before the Koyudo price increase, so it's suffice to say I got a hell of a deal! But even with the current price change, I'd still say these are worth every penny.

- FPr001 Goat Sokoho, 4,200JPY: this is a full goat brush, and I can't believe it's only 4,200JPY after the price increase because it's actually a really nice brush! I must admit I did hesitate for the longest time in getting it. Why? Because it's a flat top, and I had a bad experience with a flat top--the BP026, which was quite pokey and scratchy precisely because of the slanted flat surface. So I thought this FPr001 would be scratchy also. Then again, I figured for that price I could take a risk and have another finishing brush if it didn't meet my expectations.

Well guess what, it way exceeds my expectations! This brush is a wonderfully dense and soft brush despite the flat top, and I'm so glad I have it. That said, after washing, it poofed out substantially (see below) and became too fluffy due to the longer hair. So I couldn't buff with it and it ended up a finishing brush after all ^.^" I still like it a lot.

Post wash sees a gain of at least 1cm in diameter!!!

- FPr002 Goat Sokoho, 3,360JPY: this is the smaller version, supposedly for blush but I actually use it to buff my sunscreen powders ^.^ In short, it does what the larger version couldn't do for me. Because it's just as dense but with shorter hair, it didn't poof out as much or become fluffy after the wash. It retains its firmness for buffing and so we've got a winner!

Post wash.

FPr001 versus FPr002, both pre-wash.

- Pr002 Goat Sokoho & Polyester, 4,200JPY: Notice the shape of this brush. It looks like a face puff with a handle and should be used with a light tapping motion or with a one-direction sweep. Despite the poly mix, this brush is so very soft. I use it for finishing, highlighting, and I would imagine it's great for bronzing too. The poly mix hair is fantastic at controlling the pigment and shimmers.

- Pr003 Goat Sokoho & Polyester, 3,360JPY: the smaller version of the above, with the same shape. It's great for highlighting under the eye area, and around the temples and mouth area. It's good for blushes too if you have a really pigmented blush you want to tone down. I haven't tried it with cream blushes but it should work just as well.

More comparisons of Pr002 versus Pr003.

- Pr010 Goat Sokoho & Polyester, 3,360JPY: I'm most excited about this brush as it's probably the most precise highlighting brush I own! Even after washing, it retains the rounded fronts and tapered sides shape and I love it!!!

Post wash.

- WPr002 Goat Sokoho & Polyester, 3,360JPY: I admit this brush was a complete frivolous buy ^.^ I mean, how can I resist that kittie paw? This is meant to be a face-washing brush, as in you lather up the foaming cleanser with a foaming net, then pick up the foam with this brush and massage your face with it. The paw shape actually helps getting into the corners and such, like the sides of your nostrils, but I don't use it for face washing at all. It's too cute for that. So instead I use it to dust on sunscreen powder on the neck and decolletage. My humble opinion is that you don't really need this brush unless you're a cat lover and want something cute to show off to your cat loving friends ^.^

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Elia said...

Thank you soo much for your detailed review! I've been interested in this line of brushes for a really long time but wanted to look at more opinions first. It's nice to know that these brushes are not just super cute and princess-y but also perfectly functional too! I hope to get some these brushes (plus the eyeshadow ones!) myself soon! :D

D. said...

Hi Elia,

Thank you for reading and commenting.

I really don't know why I hesitated for so long to get these. They're excellent and I love them! I had this wrong association, and I think most people do too, that cute = not functional, and to this thinking I now say: it's Koyudo ^.^


Rosie said...


May I know what sunscreen powders you use?

D. said...

Hi Rosie,

Of course! I've reviewed all sunscreen powders I've used and they're tagged with "face powders." Look for those with SPF :)

My favorites are:
- Excel BB Powder UV (some coverage)
- Paseo UV Cut Powder (for neck and decolletage only)
- Enprani One-Touch Sun Powder (pressed, no coverage)
- Higasunne UV Cut Face Powder (some coverage)
- Innisfree Mineral Powder (some coverage)
- Privacy UV Face Powder (no coverage)

Hope this helps,

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