Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hand Veil Moist Cream

So I had a hand cream panic a couple of months ago, as in I realized I was on my last tube and went on a hand cream rampage at the local drugstore. This 70g tube of Hand Veil Moist Cream was part of the haul. The blue tube is the Rich Cream, which I'll review next.

There was a bit of confusion trying to determine the correct product name, but a quick search online found that the Hand Veil is a line under the Mentholatum sub-brand under the Rohto mother-brand ^.^ And there are more of these tubes too, a total of 5 to be exact. In addition to these red and blue tubes, there are also a Moist Gel in a green tube, a Rough Hand Remedy Cream(?) in a gold tube, and a Whitening UV Cut Cream in a white tube.

This Moist Cream is a thick and opaque white cream scented with an herbal-y menthol-y scent. It contains hyaluronic acid and is decently moisturizing. I put it on right before bed and wake up to soft hands, so the cream does it job. But it also creeps the hell out of me with its odd texture.
Upon rubbing my hands together, the thick cream melts and turns a bit watery, then it immediately thickens to a consistency equivalent of a greasy wax. At this point I have to massage it in for a little longer for it to absorb. The whole process feels very off-putting and silicone-y. When I'm done with this tube I definitely won't repurchase.

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