Saturday, April 15, 2017

Only in Japan... Part V

I've caught up with my Japan food photos but there are still several Japan-related posts lining up in draft form, like this one in the Only in Japan series for example. I didn't do a post in this series throughout our time in Tokyo but it's better late than never.

Spotted this cool-dude-who-gives-zero-f*ck outside the Marunouchi Cafe Kai on the ground floor of the Kitte Building, across the street from Tokyo Station. Let's just say when you were minding your own business and then looked out the door to see guy sporting samurai hair, outfit, and hiking shoes, you just couldn't help but sneak a photo or two. I do wonder if there were a theater or film studio of some sorts nearby. Then again, he didn't look like he had any stage or film makeup on.

More designer fruits, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo edition, as in spotted in the gift shop on the ground floor of the hotel.

These two watermelons were on sale at the Precce grocery store inside the Roppongi Midtown Building.

Nori snack in a hello kitty tin and so I couldn't resist ^.^

This ninja will show you how to use a vending machine.

Ah yes, so the whole time hubby and I were in Tokyo, we'd been trying to get tickets to a Takarazuka Revue show. The theater wasn't too far from Hibiya Park down the street from our old neighborhood. I was especially excited when they were playing Rurouni Kenshin--I'd stalked the website waiting for the tickets to go on sale. But of course everything was sold out in minutes :(

Another time, we were strolling through Hibiya Park when we saw this massive line outside some concert venue. Turned out it was for some Jpop boy-band whose members all looked to be about 12 or 13. Perhaps it speaks to my old age, but umm, where's the appeal? I don't get it O.o

I'm saving the best for last, of course: Gudetama. Of course you've seen this lazy egg around (cue the bad jokes!). He's a rising, but mopey, star! I find Gudetama absolutely hilarious, especially his round, bouncy butts ^.^

These tshirts on sale at the Asakusa Nakamise had me in stitches xD

Here's a display of surprise gag gifts at Loft (left photo). They sold these tiny little figurines you fit onto the edge of your drinking glass, and we picked up a few Gudetama ones for our friends at home. When C. and A. had their honeymoon in Japan last summer, we met up for the first time in years in Tokyo. Over dinner at Nemuro Hanamaru Kaitenzushi we gave A. one of the Gudetama toys. Dude's a Doraemon fan so we figured he wouldn't mind a Sanrio gag gift. Sure enough, Gudetama was an instant hit and A. couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the night. C. later complained to me that in their 3 weeks traveling through Japan, A. kept stopping and taking photos of every Gudetama display he saw. And with every Sanrio shop they came across, he had to go in to check out the Gudetama goods LOL! True fandom, folks.

Here's one of the gag gift I'd kept for myself, you know, to entertain our dinner guests with.

Can you believe these bouncy butts? I can't stop laughing at his butts!

Here's how the toy is supposed to work. Hilarious, right? God, I miss Japan for little things like this.

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Citrine said...

HAHA,the dude caught you!

I think when Hey Say Jump debuted the boys were around 12-13ish? Aren't they still really popular? (Ok I don't know since I don't need jpop as much now with all the first class musicians in the city). They do it so that they can grow up with their fans (when they hit 20s they will be veteran in show biz and their fan will start having all the buying powers...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Yeah, he sure did ^.^" But it's okay. He'll never see me again :P

I've never been into Jpop or Kpop but I suppose you're right about their fans "growing up" with them. It was just so weird for me and hubby to see grown women squealing over tween boys, that's all. There was something cringe-y about the whole thing...


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