Thursday, June 13, 2019

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Been using this tiny 2.8mL/0.09oz. tube of Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in 01 Honey because I have two of them. One was from the Clarins Advent Calendar 2018, which I really bought  for the full size Beauty Flash Balm and the mini Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, and the other was from the Clarins x Feed 10 Love Forward Set.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Among all the items in th Advent Calendar 2018, I'm really most excited for the Beauty Flash Balm, the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, and this lip oil, believe it or not. The lip oil has been out for a several years now, but at first glance it looks like a gloss so I've been refraining. That said, I do love myself some minis and sample sizes. I get bored easily and committing to a full size of a product I haven't tried before is just too much of a commitment for me, especially when I'm iffy about the product to begin with.

Well, let's just say I'm glad this is only a mini, because I'm totally disappointed :( This lip oil looks like a lip gloss because, well, it really doesn't feel any different than a lip gloss to me. It's slightly gooey and sticky going on, but not unbearably so. I was really expecting an oily feel like the older formula of the Maquillage Dramatic Rouge. Even worse is that is alleged lip "oil" is only somewhat moisturizing. Mind you, my dry lips truly need a *real,* honest to god lip balm and not just a pretend one. Urgh. I feel tricked. Will not purchase a full size, ever.

...And I got the Clarins x Feed 10 Love Forward Set for the exact same reason, the full size Beauty Flash Balm. Yep. I like that stuff ^.^ So that was how I ended up with two of these mini lip oils.

- 01 Honey: I didn't bother swatching this because despite being a golden orange in the tube, it's totally clear and glass-like on my lips. And oh yes, it's scented, and with a perfume-like fragrance too that's just shy of overbearing. Thankfully, it has no taste. Did I tell you I hate sweet-tasting lippies? If I wanted candies I'd have bought candies. Yuck! For now, this tiny tube lives in my bag because I'm forcing myself to give it a fair chance. Plus, these days I've been wishing I'd have a totally clear lip balm that I can just slather on and not worry about smearing. The other tube of lippie in my bag is Clinique Almost Lipstick, which does have some color in addition to being 10x more moisturizing than this fancy lip oil.


Citrine said...

I think for the clarins lip oil, 90% of the worth/enjoyment comes from the big cushiony sponge tip (the gloss itself is nothing special and only suitable for warmer less dry days) so mini are just like any cheap gloss. At least Japanese brands actually make lip oil like oil...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Yeah. I feel like a chump for sure and they got me good with this one. Urgh. I was really hoping to try something new too :(


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