Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kua 'Aina Part II

It has been raining a lot recently. While I don't mind that too much (I telecommute from home), poor hubby is commuting to Tokyo everyday now and neither of us are ever in the mood to cook by the day's end. That means we order in a lot, but that too gets old after a while. So over this past weekend, all of a sudden he craved for an avocado burger and off to Kua 'Aina we went ^.^ 

I ordered a teriyaki chicken sandwich, which was good but they were a bit skimpy with the chicken - see how tiny the piece of chicken was in comparison to the huge slice of toast? ^.^ Hubby got his avocado burger and inhaled it in seconds. Those fries were heavenly!

And of course I couldn't refrain from getting the delectable and perfectly crunchy chicken nuggets. Notice there's only 3 left because, well, they were disappearing real fast before I could even say, "Wait, stop, I have to take a picture!" A different seasonal offering is the onion cream soup, which was surprisingly...bland.

Of course it was raining that day, but then I have my nifty rain boots so no rain is going to stop me from going anywhere ^.^

See my previous Kua 'Aina post.

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