Sunday, June 3, 2012

Excel Glossy Shadow

I was at Plaza playing with the Excel Shiny Shadows I've been eyeing since picking up Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadows. Next to the Shiny Shadows were these Glossy Shadows, which confused me greatly because I just couldn't figure them out. I swatched both the Shiny and the Glossy side by side and saw that the Glossy were nowhere as sparkly as the Shiny. So after spending a good long while staring at the swatches underneath the soft white light of the display, I walked away scoffing at both. I planned to buy the Shiny Shadows from Sana's official online shop instead since Plaza didn't have all the 6 colors available, but the Glossy Shadows I just didn't get at all! They're pressed powder, and so we're not talking about swiping clear gloss on the lids or anything like some designers do on their runway. So why are they called Glossy, and how are they different from the Shiny? One of life's biggest mysteries, I know -.-'

Excel Glossy Shadows in GL01 Gold, GL02 White, and GL03 Pink.

In the end, curiosity killed the cat (or rather my piggie bank) and I bought them along with their Shiny sisters from Sana's web store. And boy am I glad I did. Folks, Excel means serious business when they call their shadows glossy, because these Glossy Shadows all have gorgeous glossy metallic finish in natural light! Dear Excel, I'm very sorry for my earlier attitude and hope you won't hold that against me. XOXO.

Yes, the emphasis here is natural light. Their fine and dense shimmers don't have that high wattage bling, and on top of that they are translucent in either lighting, especially the GL01 Gold. That said, it does not change the fact that they are pigmented and are intensely metallic with a glossy finish. Talk about contradictions! So now I just have to figure out how to wear them :P I can certainly wear them as a more subtle top wash, but I won't get that glossy metallic finish with just a light dusting. I suppose they are meant to be worn alone in a thick layer, then perhaps a winged line, preferably using a liquid liner, will add drama. Did I mention they are damn smooth? They are.

- GL01 Gold: metallic, medium intensity. A completely translucent pale gold with a glossy and intensely metallic finish. It really is like metallic gold gloss in powder form! Love it!

- GL02 White: metallic, medium intensity. An ashen silvery white. It has just a touch more opacity than the GL01 Gold above but still pretty translucent.

- GL03 Pink: metallic, medium intensity. A baby pink with a brighter and glossy metallic pink finish. Again, it's not completely translucent like GL01 Gold but is not opaque either.

From left to right: GL01 Gold, GL02 White, and GL03 Pink. The glossy metallic finish is best seen in the GL01 Gold.

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