Sunday, June 24, 2012

Okonomiyaki Fugetsu

An okonomiyaki shop hubby and I recently frequent is Okonomiyaki Fugetsu, although only in the past couple of times did I actually remember to bring my camera to take pictures ^.^ 

Out of all the restaurants I picked this one because of its name "Fugetsu" (風月) which literally translates to "wind and moon." Nothing special, but if you're acquainted with older Chinese literature, you might remember that "wind and moon" is an old idiom for sex ^.^ "Wind" represents a male lover, the man, and "moon" is the feminine counterpart, the woman. Sort of like a restaurant named "the birds and the bees." Who knows why a restaurant would pick a name like that, my guess is not on purpose. Then again, that's the kind of "innocence" the Kum & Go folks would claim. Right, uh huh. It does draw attention and visitors, doesn't it?

Hubby ordered a regular pork okonomiyaki lunch set.

The place is located right inside Yokohama Station, so you can expect lots of young professionals and salarymen during lunch time. They offer okonomiyaki lunch sets, which comes with a salad, a cup of seaweed broth, and a drink (soft drink or beer). They just changed their menu recently to include modanyaki, but we didn't order any. That just means we'll have to go back for them, I guess ^.^  

Okonomiyaki after mixed (left) and flipped once (right).

The waiter or waitress will come around and mix the okonomi batter and get it started for you. And they'r really good at it too! I wouldn't be able to mix that heaping bowl without making a mess out of the table surface and myself! Yes, I'm clumsy like that. 

The finished okonomiyaki, dressed with sauce and mayonnaise.

I didn't go for the sets but instead ordered 2 random (well not that random) things on the menu along with a glass of umeshu cut with soda, my drink of choice at the restaurants nowadays. Here's hubby's okonomiyaki (far left), my omusoba and what's left of the house specialty tonpeiyaki, and my umeshu.

One of the items I ordered was an appetizer called Tonpeiyaki, an omelette with pork and scallions inside.

The entree I ordered was omusoba. I did tell you I'm obsessed with omu-anything in Japan, right? 

Here's my omusoba dressed with sauce and aonori.


Citrine said...

I think the phrase can also be interpreted as leisure but for Kum & Go...I bet they did it on purpose.

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

I bet that too. In fact, I think of a few more chains with grin-worthy names and the first time I passed by them, I literally did a double take. Good thing hubby was driving and not me LOL!


Okonomi_Yakity said...

Nice overview of the restaurant - based on the name, I definitely want to try it, but the food looks great. If you are interested in more in-depth information on okonomiyaki, see - recipes, history, ingredient details, etc. Have fun!

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