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Maikohan UV Compact Powder SPF 19+ PA++

Update June 8, 2012.

While browsing on Sana's official online store for Excel Glossy and Shiny Shadows, I saw that they still carry the line Maikohan! This whole time, I thought (perhaps erroneously) that the line had been long discontinued and no longer available! So I went ahead and got myself a backup for the UV Compact Powder SPF 19+ PA++ below ^.^ The compact is too adorable to resist and it's petite size makes it really convenient for travel. I've been packing this compact on short day trips because it's an excellent mattefier with some (albeit dubious) sun protection to boot! 

Maikohan UV Compact Powder SPF 19+ PA++ Sakura

The brush it comes with is super cute and I had saved my last one so now I have two ^.^

In addition to the backup UV Compact Powder, I also picked up the non-SPF Loose Powder N, the small 10g size, in Natural. I had bought the Sakura version before moving to Japan but never got around to using it, so one of these days I will review both colors at the same time xD I must say it does make me a tad nervous to see how yellow the Natural looks in the jar, so I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it'll work ^.^ In the mean time, I'm looking at a few other things from Excel (the highlighters!) and am very tempted get the full 30g size of this loose powder in Sakura also since I do love its pressed version with SPF! 

Loose Powder N 10g Sakura (left) and Natural (right). See how yellow the Natural is? Hmm...

Original post Wednesday, January 14, 2009.

The last item I took with me on the trip was the Maikohan UV Compact Powder SPF 19+ PA++ in Sakura Pink. Maikohan is made by Sana, and supposedly is a tribute to the maiko (the apprentice geisha/geiko) of Kyoto (the suffix "-han" is Kyoto dialect for the standard "-san", which can be loosely translated as "miss or mister"). The line certainly tries to strike that tone with its signature red packaging with an ivory square showing a cut-out red sakura inside.

As you can see, the rounded dome-shape compact is freaking adorable with a mirror and a compartment for a rounded red brush inside. The powder is only available in 1 size, 1 shade, and 1 scent, Sakura, which is a pale pink. It is quite affordable being quite petite, selling for $11 on There is also a loose powder, non-SPF version available in 2 sizes, big (30 g) and small (10 g), and 2 shades, Natural and Sakura.

The Sakura "Pink" compact powder is actually completely translucent, at least on me. It did have some shimmers upon close inspection, but the shimmers didn't show at all and it went on matte. As for the SPF, I didn't really care for it much. Since I always wear a separate waterproof sunscreen, even if it didn't have an SPF rating I'd still buy it! Fragrance wise, I actually like the scent a lot. It doesn't smell like Sakura at all, just your classic good ol' powder :) In fact, the smell reminded me of the very first CoverGirl compact powder I owned way back when I was in middle school. It's another one of those nostalgia-provoking items.

There are a few reasons why I took this particular compact powder with me on my trip overseas: it was small and portable (fits perfectly in the palm of my hand!), it was translucent and matte, and it applied a bit on the dry side. Add all of that together and this UV compact was the most perfect travel companion to a humid locale I've even owned!

That said, I totally recommend this UV compact if, and only if, you have oily skin or live in high humidity. If you have dry skin or live in drier areas, you should use this powder with care as it might dry you out further. I do LOVE it though, so much I'm considering getting a backup even though there's not even a dent on the powder's surface! Yes, I do have very dry skin, but I also happen to live in a very humid area, especially in the summer (ick). So yeah, this powder is going to be a summer-only item for me, but I don't really mind. I like it that much.


Anonymous said...

hello! i stumbled upon your blog and i like this review :)

by the way, is the mentioned compartment for brush, big and deep enough to squeeze in a small sponge instead?

D. said...

Hi cacaopack!

Thanks for visiting :D

Yes, a small sponge would absolutely fit in the brush compartment.

In fact, whenever I travel I bring minimal makeup in a tiny tiny makeup bag the size of a coin bag, and not only this compact powder fits in that little makeup bag of mine, but I could also store an eye shadow applicator, a small sponge, AND a brush in that compact's brush compartment. It's a rather nifty little thing if you want to check it out :D

Anonymous said...

great, thanks heaps! will be checking this out on my next trip to town, i remember seeing it in SASA :)

now that you mention makeup bag, i should grab a new one too, lol.

D. said...

Hi cacaopack,

You're very welcome :D

I just checked out your blog and hey, I LOVE SkinFood too!!! You're so lucky SkinFood is readily accessible to you, as I would either have to get it via Gmarket or Ebay. The problem is that Gmarket doesn't like my MacBook (the site won't work properly), and Ebay loves to break my piggie bank :(

Anonymous said...

oh... *blush* i hope my skinfood reviews do help in a way or two, especially for ladies with the same skin tone/type as me =p

actually, although there are about 7 skinfood outlets across my small country, the prices tagged are way too expensive, it is triple the retail price in s.korea, can you believe that? almost all items are priced the same as in Ebay (usd) so ya, you didn't miss much too, lol.

90% of my skinfood items are bought overseas or kindly CP-ed by friends whenever they travel, and i do stock up at least 3 pieces per item, lol. my friends/SO would roll their eyes on me =P

Mac doesn't work well with G-Market, same for Mozilla, so far everybody is saying only IE works, thats true for me. :)

Anonymous said...

hello again!

i don't mean to flood your comment box, lol.

i have a couple of sample packs like the rice mask etc, not sure have you tried them, would you be keen? if you are comfortable with it, buzz me your full addy and i will have them posted to you :)

just thought i ask, simply because i love sharing with skinfood lovers :)

D. said...

Hi cacaopack!

You are always welcome in my comments box :D That's what it's there for!

Your reviews surely did help, at least now I know I NEED to try the Cucumber Soothing and the Rice Wash-off Masks!!!

WOW - that's too bad SkinFood is so expensive where you are. But hey, you still got friends who would CP for you, right? That's so nice. Darn! Where are my friends when I need them? :P LOL

You're soooooooo generous for offering those SkinFood samples to me. What did I do to deserve this kindness? But I'd LOVE to try them, yes!!! :D Thank you so much!!! I sent you an email :D Thanks again!!!

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