Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Non-no April 2011 (Picture Heavy!)

Non-no April 2011 is yet another fantastic issue with a nice freebie Dip Drops makeup/toiletry case and loads of fun content!

The toiletry/makeup case is made of polyester and came in a very pretty blue stripe and flower print. The polyester fabric is smooth and feels softer to the touch than the similar Jill Stuart makeup case that came with the Jill Stuart We Love Jill Mook last year.

It measures 13(height) x 20(length) x 7(width) cm and is well made, though I did find a a section of gnarly thread on one of the handles.

See the sewing overlapping? Though it's not that noticeable since the white thread blends in with the fabric.

Other than that, the case has clean and even stitching else where and isn't flimsy at all.

Inside is lined with pink polyester and all inner seams are covered. It's pretty roomy and has tons of pockets.

3 pockets on one side.

6 pockets on the other side.

Below are all the fun pages!!!

Tunics and shirt dresses. See that black and white tunic featured on the right page? I WANT it!!!

Polka dots, checker stripes, and even more nautical stripes on tunics, rompers, one pieces, and baby doll dresses.

Flower prints.

I love it that this issue presents their fashion differently than other magazines and they put lots of thoughts into making their fashion pages interesting. As a reader, I appreciate it more than I can put into words!

Here are the white pieces.

The color pieces. How pretty is that?

The pink page.

Purple and green pages.

Blue and yellow-orange pages.

The next 4 pages feature 100 pieces of white tops, from button up shirts to blouses. What a neat concept!

50 different long and short spring trench coats!

50 different gray sweatshirts and hoodies.

50 different pieces of denim baggy jeans, sailor button shorts, one pieces, jackets, and accessories.

100 different knit cardigans in the next 4 pages!

50 different rompers.

The next 8 pages feature all sort of chinos and khakis in all cuts and lengths.

Those black and white gingham capris are so mine! If I had my way, my closet would be full of polka dots and gingham xD

The next several pages feature 20 days of different outfits on 3 different models.

Spring hair.

And looks who made an appearance - Taiwan's Fahrenheit!

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